Featured in GitHub's ReadME Project

Shared my experience on building community, gaining social capital, and embracing my identity in open source.

Featured in GitHub's ReadME Project

Originally published on GitHub


Honored to be featured on GitHub's ReadME Project, where I opened up (pun intended) about my journey into open source! 😸👩🏽💻🛠

I cover the following topics:

✦ how I got into the tech industry

✦ my open source work with organizations like Techqueria and freeCodeCamp

✦ the importance of having more Latinx representation in tech

✦ navigating my identity as a Latina in open source

✦ leaning on the community to build sustainable projects

But more importantly, my Corgis Luna & Sueño make an appearance at the end. 🐾 😂

Big shout out to Genny Davila. She gave me one of the most positive photography experiences I've ever had.





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