Giving Back

Giving Back

Becoming the first sponsor for an open-source project. 💛

I love open-source. 🌐

And given that open source is so ubiquitous now within the tech industry and basically lays the foundation for all the applications we know and love, you probably should too! 😊I love sharing everything I’ve worked on without expecting anything in return and I love it when I benefit from others who have done the same.BUT for far too long (I joined GitHub in 2013), I have been consuming open-source projects and allowed myself to reap all the benefits others have put hard work into. 😓

So I’m finally deciding to put my money where my heart is and start giving back to the open-source community. 💛

So I’m donating $2 each month indefinitely to future docsify development. I know it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things but damn, I just got out of college so I’m not rich people. 💸I actually ended up being the first sponsor for docsify which describes itself as a “magical documentation site generator”. 🔮Now magical may seem like an exaggeration but docsify seriously does make it as easy as fuck for anyone with basic knowledge of JS and Markdown to create a beautiful and responsive documentation site.

I encourage everyone to pay it forward and make a small donation to your favorite open-source project or docsify just because it’s amazing! 🎉

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