Grow With Google Udacity Scholarship

Grow With Google Udacity Scholarship

Awarded scholarship to complete Udacity's Mobile Web Nanodegree and potentially earn certification from Google.

April 17th, 2018

January 10th, 2018

I was awarded the Grow with Google scholarship for the Intermediate Mobile Web Specialist Track.10K students accepted to this specific track out of over 100K applicants across the US. They offered 25K spots for the Web track and another 25K spots for the Android track so about half of applicants got accepted overall.The scholarship basically means I get access to the 3-month course called “Offline Web Applications” course with support from Udacity mentors.Excited since I’ve been really into PWAs since first hearing about them a year ago and then seeing all those cool ways they’re being utilized these days at the Chrome Dev Summit last October.

Earn a Developer Scholarship from Google

Udacity and Google are offering a limited number of full scholarships to help you become an Android or Web developer. Apply now.

Happy to share that I’m one step closer to becoming Google certified! 🎉

I was just awarded a $1,200 scholarship to pursue the Mobile Web Nanodegree through the Grow with Google Udacity Scholarship program.Back in mid-October of last year, I applied for the Grow with Google Udacity scholarship.It offered any US resident the opportunity to advance through three key stages with the ultimate goal in my eyes being the certification from Google and a Nanodegree under your belt (those Nanodegrees are quite popular now!).

Phase 1 - applying for the scholarship 📝️

According to the first video in Phase 2 coursework, ~100,000 people applied

Phase 2 - completing relevant coursework and participating in forums/Slack group 🎓

50,000 accepted to 4 different tracks (Android & Web)I was accepted January 10th of this year and the deadline to finish all the coursework and participate actively was April 11th (last Wednesday).The coursework covered offline-first, service workers, IndexedDB and core concepts from ES6.

Phase 3 - completing Nanodegree 🌟️

5,000 awarded scholarship from the 4 different tracksThat’s where I am now since I was notified I won the scholarship April 17th!My track turns to preparing for Mobile Web Specialist NanodegreeThis Nanodegree covers concepts like responsiveness, accessibility, ES6, automation and tooling with a project involved throughout that you continuously build on.

Goal - use knowledge gained from Nanodegree to get certified by Google 💼

As a graduate of the Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree, Udacity claims I will be fully prepared to earn the Google Mobile Web Specialist Certification, offered directly by Google.In other words, since they give me access to the Nanodegree for 6 months, I have until mid-October of this year to finish up the coursework and then however much time I need to prep for the certification exam.It’s basically going full-circle!!

So here’s to Mobile Web! 🎉😊

Response from old LinkedIn post

I was one of 10,000 students accepted to the Intermediate Mobile Web Specialist Track for the Google-Udacity scholarship program.Over 100K applicants applied across the US and 25K seats were offered for the Web Track and 25K seats were offered for the Android Track.Of the 25K seats for the Web Track, 15K were allotted for the Beginner Track and the other 10K for the Intermediate Track.Being accepted to the Intermediate Track basically means I get 3-month access to to the “Offline Web Applications” course with support from Udacity mentors.After those 3 months, the top 1K students from the Intermediate Track will be awarded scholarships to the Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree Program so that’s what I’m working towards now!The Google-Udacity curriculum is targeted to helping developers get the training they need to enter the workforce as Android or mobile web developers.

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