New Events Platform for Techqueria

Helped launch a new events platform for Techqueria in collaboration with the WordPress Special Projects team using The Events Calendar plugin.

New Events Platform for Techqueria

The Techqueria website was completely migrated from Hugo to WordPress in May 2021.

Towards the end of the year, I collaborated with the WordPress Special Projects team to launch a new event experience for members of Techqueria.

The Special Projects team helps interesting people, organizations and projects to have an excellent experience with WordPress.

One of Techqueria's most significant expenses at the time was this community platform called Bevy. Once we migrated over, we could substantially save money on our software budget.

The Events Calendar plugin was used (Ultimate Bundle) but was customized to fit our chapter needs.

Some of the features we were able to solve for:

  • members can be assigned as chapter directors
  • chapter directors are only given permissions to create event for their chapter
  • community members can add events
  • Zoom integration
  • optimized SEO
  • less context switching since one account provisioned on WordPress site could also control access to the blog

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