Salesforce Day 1 Web Campaign

I led members of my team to launch a number of different web updates for Day One of the Salesforce acquisition of Slack.

Salesforce Day 1 Web Campaign

June 2021 to July 2021

On the Customer Acquisition team, I worked with Sumit Lal and Catherine Yu.


Customer Acquisition launched a number of different web updates for Day One of the Salesforce acquisition of Slack.

The goal of this web campaign is to inform prospects and users about the benefits of Slack and Salesforce.

We used Houston, Slack's internal feature flag system, to roll out all changes across our website all at once to coincide with a tight roll out schedule! ✨ 🚀

The primary net new asset is a brand new landing page showcasing the best of both worlds, along with minor changes to the About page, Homepage, Sales Solutions page, Contact Sales form, and many legal pages to coincide with us going from "Slack Technologies, Inc." to "Slack Technologies, LLC, a Salesforce company".

The Activation team also updated the Get Started page for users coming from Salesforce's overview of Slack page.

The Purchase Experience team made billing changes to update the legal language as well.

My Part

I was responsible for shipping multiple critical updates across in preparation for the Salesforce acquisition close.

There were a total of 5 engineers tasked with updating the different parts of the marketing funnel (acquisition to subscription).

I meticulously documented the technical roll out plan and kept dozens of stakeholders up to date on a daily basis.

I configured the code so all the updates could be launched instantaneously and could also be rolled back right away in case there were any last minute changes.

I was responsible for ensuring all engineers were ready to launch their updates at exactly 5:15 am PT the day of launch using our internal feature flag platform.

There were zero regressions or bugs found and it was overall a very successful launch.

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