Webinar Form Registration

I was tasked with revamping the webinar form registration flow on This was my last project at Slack. Webinar Form Registration

Previously, we would show a button redirecting the user to an ON24-hosted event page where the user could fill in the info to register for a webinar.

The goal was to revamp this flow and have the user flow to register for a webinar be baked into directly, so it was more white-labeled and streamlined and ideally lead to a high conversion rate on signups.

  • Technologies used: Hack, Less.
  • Integrated the ON24 REST API on the backend to pass in form field data to Salesforce and ON24 databases
  • Integrated with AddEvent API to generate calendar event links
  • Added ability to modify registration


Example webinar

Example, with form filled out

Once the form is filled out, the user is redirected to the same page with the form replaced with the confirmation dialog.

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