Leadership Boot Camp from CEN

I took a nonprofit course through CEN (the Center for Nonprofit Excellence) so I can better understand nonprofit governance as an ED of Techqueria. Course Assets Facebook Post Course Description The nonprofit sector needs resilient and knowledgeable leaders to deliver integral services. Especially now, amid COVID-19 related challenges and the subsequent impact of this pandemic.…Continue readingLeadership Boot Camp from CEN

Fuego Presents Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

Sep.15th to Oct. 15th is Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, a period that recognizes the contributions and influence of Latinx & Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.  At 60 million in the US, Hispanics & Latinx are the largest non-white voting group this year and have been the largest…Continue readingFuego Presents Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month

Native App Slack Homepage Update

Launched Slack’s new homepage for mobile pages that focuses on native app downloadsContinue readingNative App Slack Homepage Update

The Unsuspecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms

I wrote a 16 minute blog post for slack exploring the must-add features Slack uses to build web forms that generate leads for successful deals and reflect on the impact they’ve had. Latest update: My post received 2,846 views from September 4 to October 3 and was the #3 most viewed page and was later…Continue readingThe Unsuspecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms

Now Part of Coro Board of Directors

I joined Coro’s board of directors in September after interviewing. Here is an outline of my journey with Coro: June 2018 Applied for WIL program July 2018 Interview for WIL with Marsharika Accepted to program September to December 2018 Women in Leadership Program Coro Women In Leadership | Frances Coronel Women in Leadership Fall 2018…Continue readingNow Part of Coro Board of Directors

New Enterprise Page

I helped Slack revamp the enterprise page and we launched it across all locales. It establishes parity between our site, sales cycle, customer success, and various prospect/customer touchpoints. Check it out!  Huge shout out to Terra Spitzner and Natalie Stormann for design and technical QA who are always a pleasure to work with. https://lnkd.in/dF5Dews #enterprise #workfromhome…Continue readingNew Enterprise Page

Dreamers in Tech partnership

I helped Techqueria form strategic partnership with Dreamers in Tech, a network comprised of undocumented, DACAmented, allies, and tech enthusiasts committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Here is an excerpt from the official announcement: “Dreamers in Tech will act as an initiative that will be officially supported and fiscally sponsored by…Continue readingDreamers in Tech partnership

Become A Tech Queen – Deprecated March 2020

All the info you need if you’re interested in being on the podcast. 🔖 Update: This page is no longer applicable since Tech Queens ended (March 2019 to March 2020). Welcome, future Tech Queen! 👑 Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to be on the podcast – I really appreciate…Continue readingBecome A Tech Queen – Deprecated March 2020

Looking For The Next Host Of Tech Queens

If you identify as a woman of color in tech and want to take over the Tech Queens podcast, please reach out to me. 👑 Update 3/14/20 Tech Queens is being discontinued after 1 year of recording episodes. I’m focusing on my work with Techqueria. If you’re interested in taking it over, feel free to reach out.…Continue readingLooking For The Next Host Of Tech Queens

Useful Hugo & Bulma Snippets

A couple of useful Hugo snippets used with the Bulma CSS framework. 🧠   Speaking Engagements <!– Speaking Category –> {{ $speaking := ($.Site.Taxonomies.categories.speaking).Pages }} <!– Upcoming Events –> {{ $upcomingEvents := where $speaking “Date” “ge” now }} <!– Past Events –> {{ $pastEvents := where $speaking “Date” “lt” now }} <!– Show Upcoming Events…Continue readingUseful Hugo & Bulma Snippets