Pauly Quintero

Career and job search guidance 🌐 Mentoring me with ideas, your experience and valuable information about how a person like me: Latin woman and coming from another industry, could be inserted into the competitive Silicon Valley work force.Continue readingPauly Quintero

Amber Sharma

Career and software engineering advice as a fellow bootcamp grad and woman of color 🌐 1 hour chat at SlackContinue readingAmber Sharma

Paul Do

Career and job search guidance 🌐 1 hour lunch at SlackContinue readingPaul Do

Enrique Novoa

Career and job search advice 🌐  Continue readingEnrique Novoa

Roya Lofti

Tech industry advice 🌐 readingRoya Lofti

Cherri Hartigan

Discussion about career path 🌐 readingCherri Hartigan

Matthew Ma

Career and job search guidance 🌐 readingMatthew Ma

Simran Kaur Anand

Frances is a great example of a female thriving in technology. She took the time to listen to my interests and provided invaluable advice on how to structure my university career. From her, I learned about the many roles that exist in tech, which ones may fit my interest, and the right time to apply…Continue readingSimran Kaur Anand

Laney Whitcanack

Discussion around program ideas related to tech and civic engagement 🌐 readingLaney Whitcanack

Simran Anand

Career advice 🌐 June 28, 2019 Thank you so much for your time last night! I learn so many new things from you every conversation. June 27, 2019 Met up at Slack and talked for about an hour and a half June 18, 2019 Hi Frances! I hope you are doing well! Thank you so…Continue readingSimran Anand