Pauly Quintero

Career and job search guidance 🌐 Mentoring me with ideas, your experience and valuable information about how a person like me: Latin woman and coming…

Amber Sharma

Career and software engineering advice as a fellow bootcamp grad and woman of color 🌐 1 hour chat at Slack

Paul Do

Career and job search guidance 🌐 1 hour lunch at Slack

Enrique Novoa

Career and job search advice 🌐  

Roya Lofti

Tech industry advice 🌐

Cherri Hartigan

Discussion about career path 🌐

Matthew Ma

Career and job search guidance 🌐

Simran Kaur Anand

Her advice will stick with me throughout my career and she is definitely someone I will continue to look up to!

Laney Whitcanack

Discussion around program ideas related to tech and civic engagement 🌐

Simran Anand

Career advice 🌐 June 28, 2019 Thank you so much for your time last night! I learn so many new things from you every conversation.…