Moving Diversity Beyond A Hashtag

Despite efforts, tech firms’ numbers show that they still fall far short. But there are people making change happen in Bay Area business in ways that others can follow. San Francisco Business Times @devcolororg and @Techqueria were interviewed by @SFBusinessTimes on diversity in tech, featured in an article titled Moving Diversity Beyond A Hashtag. Despite…Continue readingMoving Diversity Beyond A Hashtag

Reinventing tech’s pipeline: Inside the effort to boost black and Latinx talent

I was quoted in this article by Protocol. “There are different orgs that focus on the different parts of the leaky tech pipeline,” said Coronel, who credits her job as an engineer at Slack to networking on Techqueria. “Our issues do intersect a lot, but we do have more-unique issues,” like Latinx workers who may…Continue readingReinventing tech’s pipeline: Inside the effort to boost black and Latinx talent Manager Chats

I was invited to participate in the #ManagerChats event by Happy to hear that the chat received over 7M impressions and was trending #4 in Canada!Continue Manager Chats

Dream Corps #TechTuesdays – Spotlight

Shout out to Dream Corps Tech for featuring me on #TechTuesday! I briefly shared my experience at Slack and Techqueria, and highlighted the importance of bringing diversity in tech to stimulate innovation. Check it out here: Dream Corps Tech is a national program cultivating future leaders and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds, creating a pipeline of…Continue readingDream Corps #TechTuesdays – Spotlight

Diversifying the Tech Workforce

I was quoted in this article by Yes! Magazine. “Amongst the Latinx community, we found that the network is not always as strong and young adults who identify as Latinx in tech often do face that social capital gap,” said Frances Coronel, co-executive director. Yes! Magazine Techqueria offers community networking and resources to Latinx people…Continue readingDiversifying the Tech Workforce Interview on Instagram

I was interviewed by on how Techqueria was fundraising to help undocumented people during the time of COVID-19. Watch the full interview here: 1. What is Techqueria? Follow up/include in your response: when and why was it founded? Techqueria is a 501c3 nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx inTech. Our mission is…Continue Interview on Instagram

Help These Latinx Organizations Support Undocumented Families During COVID-19

I was quoted in this article by BELatina. “By April 5th Techqueria made the decision to close applications for funding after receiving 682 applications,” said the organization’s executive director Frances Coronel.  BELatina A few weeks later, on April 1st, a group of fifteen volunteers at Techqueria — a nonprofit serving Latinx people in the tech industry…Continue readingHelp These Latinx Organizations Support Undocumented Families During COVID-19

Strive Community Update – Spotlights

Highlighted in the first quarterly Strive Community Update. We’re excited to share the first quarterly Strive Community Update. Our goal in launching Circles is to create communities of like-minded people who support and challenge one another to become their best selves, personally and professionally. Similarly, building Strive itself is a communal experience – something we…Continue readingStrive Community Update – Spotlights

Alumni Society – Member Spotlight

The Alumni Society is a network of mid-to senior-level Latino leaders who graduated from the country’s top universities. This network offers exclusive opportunities for growth and empowerment, with the goal of advancing Latino leadership in America. 🌐 New Member Spotlight: Frances Coronel Who: Frances Coronel, software engineer at Slack, codirector of Techqueria Alma Mater: Cornell…Continue readingAlumni Society – Member Spotlight

ABC7 News – Latino Heritage Month

Featured in ABC7 for my work with Techqueria Meet Frances Coronel of Slack, a software engineer specializing in user interface (UI) development on the Customer Acquisition Team – her mission is to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. She is also the Co-Director of Techqueria, a nonprofit that serves the largest…Continue readingABC7 News – Latino Heritage Month