BetterUp Coaching Sessions

Received access to multiple coaching sessions through BetterUp as an ERG lead at Slack.

At Slack, I was the founder and co-lead of Fuego, Slack's Latinx Employee Resource Group.

A benefit of being an ERG lead was getting access to BetterUp coaching sessions which would usually cost hundreds of dollars.

I ended up taking 5+ sessions with a leadership coach and a nutritionist.

I learned a lot from all my sessions and was very grateful that Slack offered this to me.

Overall, I would recommend BetterUp to others.

However, there is some feedback I'd offer to BetterUp:

  • make it easier to find a coach who is a woman of color
  • it took a lot of emails/time to make this happen for myself and it shouldn't have
  • all the coaches I was initially offered were almost entirely white men
  • automatically schedule the coaching sessions with intentional agendas
  • even if you have a very busy schedule, you will have set time blocks where you have a free space, but these usually get filled up in advance as well
  • so to mitigate this, once you have a time setup, BetterUp could automatically schedule those and setup an agenda for each as well so there's a sort of learning journey
  • there was already a lot of rich content and links to resources on BetterUp but I felt some structure was missing
  • lastly, having more of a community aspect would have been a +
  • it would have been nice to have had the ability to network or have visibility on other folks who were on a similar journey (minority woman, ERG leader, aspiring software engineering leader, etc)
  • I don't know how this would look like in practice but the experience was very much centered on 1:1 convos with your coach

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