Canvas Mentorship Accelerator

Accepted into a mentorship cohort where I attended panel sessions of influencers, career coaches and leaders with 20 other professionals.

Below is a description of the program that I was accepted into:

We’ve often heard: it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.

But we also know that opportunity is not always equitable. And based on your zip code, your gender, your body, and your history—you’re not always given a fair shot at making the best connections.

That’s why Canvas has assembled an all-star panel of industry influencers, recruiters, and career gurus to lead our first “The Future Looks Like You” Mentorship Cohort.

For our inaugural cohort, we’ll select 21 ambitious professionals to be personally mentored by our all-star panel of influencers, career coaches, and leaders. Best part? It's completely free.

As part of the first cohort, you’ll receive the following:

  • An hour of intentional coaching from each speaker in a small group setting (valued at over $5,000)
  • Opportunity to share your experience with recruiters at our partner companies like Google, Twitch, Lyft, and hundreds more!
  • Build personal relationships with some of the world’s best career coaches and leaders
  • Special discounts and access to books, courses, and other resources by our panelists
  • Create a strong network with a diverse group of 20 other emerging leaders in tech

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