Coaching Sessions with Dr. Christina Villarreal

Dr. Christina Villarreal is an executive leadership coach, organizational leadership trainer and UC Berkeley professor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I started taking executive coaching sessions with Dr. Christina Villarreal on July 3, 2019. And they continued on until October 23, 2020.

At first, these sessions were through the Latinx Level Up Program sponsored by the Kapor Center. And then, because I enjoyed the sessions so much, I did 10 more by using my professional stipend provided by Slack.

In total, I did roughly 9 "Triangle" sessions with Dr. Villarreal and 12 coaching sessions. Triangle sessions were with two other participants of the Latinx Level Up Program, where we discussed a specific leadership topic. Coaching sessions were 1:1 and were pretty flow flowing.

Overall, I'd highly recommend Dr. Christina Villarreal. Most especially, I would recommend her to any current or aspiring Latina leader in tech.

My sessions with her were thought provoking and I felt like I always grew up a bit more by the end of it.

We would get to the root of what I was feeling in a way that both felt natural and fulfilling.

I also felt they were holistic, as in she didn't just care about me becoming a better leader in my field but also a better overall person.

After the pandemic, I took a break from my nonprofit and ERG leadership positions to focus on my engineering IC career path. However, when I return to the manager/leadership path, I wouldn't hesitate to reach back out again. 💯

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