Coro Women in Leadership Alumnae Panel

I had a lovely time with Coro Northern California as a panelist for their Spring '20 Women in Leadership Cohort!

Here are some highlights of what I shared:

(1) showing grit and leading with empathy in this new reality ✊🏽

(2) how this virtual transition can offer a window into other people's souls/lives since we have the opportunity to see a more personal side of the person 🌐

(3) spotlighting Yuki Ueda as a friend I made from my cohort back in Spring '18 😊

(4) my continued involvement with Coro as a host for Coro Fellows, being a judge and offering advice when asked 🤝

(5) the story behind launching Techqueria's COVID-19 fund for undocumented people 💛

(6) offering Clockwise as a resource for managing your time better and avoiding meeting overload 🕒

Kudos to Hannah S. (also from my cohort!) who helped facilitate the discussion and the other panelists Rezwana Aliya Chisti and Marisa Levine. 🙌🏽


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