Ghent School

What I did before and during middle school


Ghent School


Norfolk, VA


2000 to 2009


Elementary & Middle School


From 1st grade to 8th grade, I attended Ghent School. There weren’t many people in my grade so by the time I was ready to graduate, I was REALLY ready to graduate.


  • Swimming - 7 years
  • Tennis - 4 years
  • Tap Dance - 1 year
  • Piano - 2 years
  • Learning Bridge - all summers throughout middle school


  • I tutored my 7th and 8th grade year in middle school and always received positive ratings from the teachers who were exceptionally happy to find out that their kids were receiving higher grades and understood what other students still had trouble in.
  • I have participated in the American Cancer Society several times by helping with organization.
  • I have helped with other groups as well, such as the Human Society of the United States, Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, CHKD, and have even made contact with Congress through emails/letters.


AwardIssuerMonthYearNotesA Honor RollGhent School0620094th Nine Weeks, 2008 to 2009President’s Award for Educational ExcellenceGhent School062009Outstanding Academic ExcellenceDistinguished Achievement in WordMastersGhent School052009Certificate of RecognitionMedical and Health Specialty Program AcceptanceMaury High School052009Pre-IB Program AcceptanceGranby High School052009Who’s Who Registry for Academic Excellence - Middle School EditionWho’s Who Registry of Academic Excellence052009Certificate of Completion for Medical Explorers ProgramEastern Virginia Medical School042009September 2008 to April 2009CTYOnline Courses in Math and ScienceJohn Hopkins Center of Talented Youth042009Certificate of Achievement for PreSAT ProgramNorfolk Public Schools012009A-B Honor RollGhent School1020081st Nine Weeks, 2008 to 2009B Honor RollGhent School0420083rd Nine Weeks, 2007 to 200845 WPM, 92% AccuracyBikini Bottom Typing Tournament012008B Honor RollGhent School1220072nd Nine Weeks, 2007 to 2008B Honor RollGhent School1020071st Nine Weeks, 2007 to 2008A Honor RollGhent School0420073rd Quarter, 2006 to 2007A Honor RollGhent School1220062nd Quarter, 2006 to 2007Perfect AttendanceGhent School0420063rd Quarter, 2005 to 2006WordMasters Challenge AwardGhent School122005B Honor RollGhent School1220042nd Nine Weeks, 2004 to 2005Accelerated ReadingGhent School032003100 Points EarnedAccelerated ReadingGhent School03200350 Points EarnedAccelerated ReadingGhent School032003125 Points EarnedAccelerated ReadingGhent School03200375 Points EarnedAccelerated ReadingGhent School03200325 Points EarnAccelerated ReadingGhent School0320035 Points EarnedAccelerated ReadingGhent School032003150 Points Earned

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