Kent Hack Enough 2017


Kent Hack Enough 2017


Kent State University


Kent State University Library


October 6th to 8th, 2017




Kent Hack Enough brings hackers from all over the nation together to learn something new, party hard, and create something awesome. With more than 350 highly motivated, creative, and talented participants, Kent Hack Enough is a weekend-long event where students from all areas of interest come together to make something awesome, like an app, website or hardware hack. The entire event is free for students, including food, energy drinks, and swag. In between all the coding, designing, and water pong, our sponsors are available as mentors to provide help and expertise throughout the hacking process.

My boyfriend and I attended together again like last year but it was a lot more chill this time. We worked on learning how to use Hugo more effectively throughout the hackathon and didn’t actually end up submitting anything. Fun times though!

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