Latinx Heritage Month Talk for Airtable

Invited to speak with Airtable employees during Latinx Heritage Month.

I had a fantastic time chatting with Josh Torres for a fireside chat with Airtable.

Josh is an incredibly authentic speaker, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to share the space with him. The Tablets (nickname for Airtable employees) are lovely folks, and I appreciated how engaged they were throughout our conversation. ✨

Here are the topics we discussed:

  • intersectional identity
  • the challenges of breaking into tech as a Latina
  • customs and traditions (Peruvian and Puerto Rican) 🇵🇪🇵🇷
  • why it's important to recruit Latinx
  • recruiting diverse candidates as a hiring manager
  • the importance of mental health in this new remote world
  • how you can support Techqueria
  • how Techqueria uses Airtable as a nonprofit
  • my experience leading the Fuego ERG at Slack
  • how ERGs should be structured and supported

I shared some slides on what I've learned from co-leading the Fuego ERG at Slack — feel free to take a look as well:

A huge thank you to Hector Baptista for moderating and Hannah Sherrick for coordinating. 💛

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