LTX Fest

Four Days. 1,000 Latinx Visionaries. A Community United to Ignite a Revolution in Tech and Philanthropy. Oct. 8-11 | SF + Oakland, CA

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What if tech and philanthropy united with a focus on culture, innovation, and people? What would be possible?

LTX Fest is bringing together the visionary work of Kapor Center, Latinas in Tech, and the Latino Community Foundation.

We care about communities and our collective future.

No matter the sector, we are stepping in to own our power to own our future. Join us.

Now more than ever, we must look to each other for cultural and innovative solutions. We must create spaces where we can honor our leaders, celebrate our culture, and continue to build our collective power by leveraging tech as a force for good.

LTX Fest is creating space for visionaries to convene, share and build strategies that continue to revolutionize tech and philanthropy and build power for our communities.

This is not a conference. It is an intersectional and intentional celebration of innovation and a call to action powered by love and culture.

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LTX Fest 2019

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Frances, it was incredible being in your presence and listening to your insights. Thank you for being you and sharing all that you can. I walked away feeling very empowered!

Raquel Avalos

Thank you Frances. It was lovely connecting with you. You did so good on the panel. Love your dedication.

Stephanie Renee Bermudez

Really enjoyed your comments on mentorship on the LTX panel. Would like to connect!

Jarah Euston

Hi, representation is key — so happy to hear you speak at LTX Fest! You are absolutely right about CS being mandatory early on will help resolve the inequity that exists in tech. There’s a lot of underrepresentation in tech and it is awesome that you are bringing awareness! You are probably being bombarded with inmails; but happy to connect should you ever have the time! Si se puede.

Jannalee Lopez Nuno

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