Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

Attended SVLLS at Stanford as a guest of Box.

The Leadership Summit brings together leaders in business, government, education, and industry, plus selected MBA students, for a one-day conference at the Stanford Faculty Club at Stanford University.Attendees learn first hand from successful entrepreneurs, executives and political leaders what it takes to survive and succeed in today’s world. The summit is designed to inspire and suggest innovative changes needed for future Latino generations to succeed. Tiempo, LLC., is proud to announce the 10th annual Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit (SVLLS), on May 4, 2019. This year’s theme is “Looking Back, Moving Forward: The Latino Future of Silicon Valley.” Latinos already comprise the largest ethnic group in California. By 2030, Latinos are projected to become 43 percent of California’s population. In terms of demography, the future is Latino. But will demography necessarily translate into a more diverse workforce, especially in the boardrooms, in the C-suite, and among the entrepreneurs poised to create influential and scalable startups? The occasion of the summit’s tenth anniversary allows us time to reflect upon the advances Latinos have made past decades, while tackling the challenges that remain consistent and seemingly evergreen.As always, the SVLLS is an exclusive opportunity to network with top executives, changemakers and thought leaders in our valley and beyond. By participating in the SVLLS, you are not only building and strengthening new relationships with colleagues across various sectors, but also building a community of professionals that will make the Latino Future a reality. Transform your future and the future of other Latinos – Es Tiempo!


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