TypeScript 101

A brief class that introduces the benefits TypeScript provides to large scale projects.


This class aims to introduce the benefits TypeScript provides to large-scale JavaScript projects.As your professor, I will be covering the differences between TypeScript and JavaScript, how TypeScript suddenly became the cool kid, and of course, I’ll be assigning homework at the end (wink wink).


So as you are most likely aware, JavaScript is expanding its footprint every day, and it is both overwhelming and amazing what you can do with the language nowadays.However, as more large-scale projects start to use JavaScript, the process of making the code easier to write and more maintainable becomes more and more difficult.Scalability with JS is a problem Microsoft recognized early on, and they came up with the solution of TypeScript and released the first version approximately on October 1st, 2012.In essence, TypeScript trying to help JavaScript reach new heights and become very scalable.In this class, I’ll be covering the basics on how to transition from JavaScript to TypeScript to more advanced topics like real life applications of how TypeScript is being used to scale projects in innovative new ways.By the end of this class, you’ll understand why so many influential tech companies have embraced TypeScript over JavaScript and what resources you can take advantage to start being able to adopt it as well.


I first gave this talk at the Strange Loop conference in October 2017.After I gave that talk, someone from the publishing company The Pragmatic Bookshelf reached out to me and told me I’d be an excellent fit for writing a book on TypeScript. Even though I thought it was a brilliant opportunity, I was not interested in writing a technical book since I learn better through working hands-on with projects.

Technical Requirements

I will need the ability to project and stream audio through my 2017 MacBook Pro laptop so I will need an HDMI to USB-C adapter and an AUX cord for audio.

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