There’s only one week of Fullstack Academy left. Overarching feeling: HOLY CRAP. 🙊

Because of how busy I’ve been, I haven’t really been able to get into the proper mood to be able to blog about such and such.

As a result, there are now only 7 days of Fullstack left.

Yup, just 7 MORE DAYS.


Minions What



AND here’s a GIF on how I feel about my lack of blogging so far here in my senior phase.

Computer Reaction

My Junior Phase

Date Range Day Numbers Week
June 8th to June 12th Days 1 to 5 Week 1
June 15th to June 19th Days 6 to 10 Week 2
June 22nd to June 26th Days 11 to 15 Week 3
June 29th to July 2nd Days 16 to 19 Week 4
July 6th to July 10th Days 20 to 24 Week 5
July 13th to July 17th Days 25 to 29 Week 6
  • July 3rd was a holiday for Fullstack.

Review Week! July 20th to July 24th.

My Senior Phase

Date Range Day Numbers Week
July 27th to July 31st Days 30 to 34 Week 7
August 3rd to 7th Days 35 to 39 Week 8
August 10th to 14th Days 40 to 43 Week 9
  • Missed out on Friday’s Tessle Hackathon in Week 9 because of an Apple Hiring Event. More on that later.

What’s Left

Date Range Day Numbers Week
August 17th to 21st Days 44 to 48 Week 10
August 24th to 26th Days 49 to 51 1/2 of Week 11

Overarching thought… holy crap.


Specifically to Week 7, which is where I left off and also when things were actually slightly more stressful than they are now here in Week 10….


We have now gone 3 weeks back in time, all the way back to the beginning of my senior phase here at Fullstack, otherwise known as Week 7.


  • Omg, stackstore. stress++;
  • My presentation was shared with the junior cohort! ego++;

Here is the presentation in its full glory:

  • 1st REACTO today. stress++;


  • I’m coming to realize that my team is actually very solid. This is great! ego++; stress--;
  • Learning Team Lunch today. For the first time ever, we have to talk to each other and are not actually spending time playing some sort of board game.
    • The meeting is very hogwarts (which sounds a lot like awkward if you say it out loud a bunch of times really fast). excitement--;


  • Interfeud today! Intefeud is this fun little game where we get quizzed on knowledge we learned from Junior Phase. excitement++;


  • I see my fellow Jimmy on the subway.
  • Yeah, I guess that’s basically it.


  • ego++;


  • Ladies lunch was today, I went briefly, and found out that the junior cohort now has the best women-to-men ratio by far.
    • That ratio fact alone is pretty great.
    • I also got a lot of nice feedback for the slide deck that was shared. ego++; excitement++;
    • Fullstack Mixer today.
    • My learning team combined with one of the junior learning teams ended up winning. excitement++; ego++;
    • The grand prize? Stickers. excitement--;
      • I completely and utterly embarrassed myself trying to be novel and introduce myself with this speech I memorized (refer to speech below). ego -= 5;
      • Here’s the first tidbit of the speech (the entire thing is kind of long). This is all from memory because the speech is just that provocative to me.

T.E Lawrence, eponymously of Arabia, but very much an Englishman, favored pinching a burning match between his fingers to put it out.

When asked by his colleague, William Potter, how was he so effectively able to put out the match without physically hurting himself whatsoever, Lawrence just smiled and replied, ‘The trick, Potter, is not minding it hurts.’

The flame that danced at the end of the match was a gift given to us by the Titan Prometheus.

It was a gift he stole from the gods and when they found out, well, I suppose you could say they overreacted a little.

The poor man was tied to a rock as an eagle swooped down and ripped through his belly to pick at his liver, day after day, night after night, over and over – each moment brining fresh, excruciating pain.

All this because he gave us fire.

Our first true piece of technology.


  • In my head, I was thinking this is how the speech was going to go since I practiced and such:


  • But in reality, when I tried to speak it out, my entire face started to almost melt and I felt this strange sense of uncertainty all throughout.
    • It was interesting going through this process because people have told me I have pretty solid public presentation skills, and here I was, struggling like a true turnip.
    • In other words, it was a major reality check. goals.push(" improve public speaking skills (perhaps through Toastmasters?)");

➡ Overall Conclusion for Week 7?

Hah, I’m stressed out.

 * essentially how my week 7 would look like if I was a JS program

var week7 = function() {
   * stress === anxiety
   * ego === confidence
   * excitement === happiness

  var stress = 2,
    ego = 2,
    excitement = 4,
    day = 1,
    end = 5;
  var goals = ["flesh out tech talk", " optimize stackstore"];

  // max mood level will be at 10

  while (day <= end) {
    stress++; // this makes sense to me

  // it's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday, blah, blah, blah

  if (day === 5) excitement++;


  // Monday

  // Tuesday

  // Wednesday

  // Thursday

  // Friday
  ego -= 5;
  goals.push(" improve public speaking skills (perhaps through Toastmasters?)");

    "--- Week 7 Mood Levels --\n> Stress aka Anxiety: " +
      stress +
      "\n> Ego aka Confidence: " +
      ego +
      "\n> Excitement aka Happiness: " +
      excitement +
      "\n> Goals: " +


Oh look, a repl out in the wild. Gotta catch ‘em all……


and this time simply get a quick overview of how the rest of senior phase has been so far in these nifty little things called bullet points.


Short trip this time. 😉

  • Week 8
    • More REACTO.
    • Presented Stackstore on Wednesday.
    • On Wednesday, I also presented my Tech Talk on Design. Multitasking is fun. –_– That was sarcasm, by the way.
    • Started working on my Stackathon project. I decide I’m going to take it easy for this one, because I’m tired and we only have till Monday to work on it, so ughhhhh.

My team’s Stackstore. See it in full glory on Heroku at


  • Week 9
    • On Monday, I get an invitation to attend an Apple Hiring Event back in Norfolk. I applied for an College At Home Advisor position back on July 4th, so I’m really glad they were able to follow back. The event is on Sunday.
    • We also present our stackathon projects on Monday.
      • My stackathon project was Rank Me, an app that ranks coding bootcamps on their rating and social scores based on data that is crawled from various sites.
      • I bothered Jimmy a lot to get my crawler working nicely. Thanks Jimmy!
      • The app is still very much in BETA, but once I settle back home, I’ll definitely have something to work on because I’ve had this idea ever since I first started applying to bootcamps, which was back in friggin’ 2013. It’s going to be big, y’all.
    • I come to realize that I still haven’t gotten my 2 extra free t-shirts from Fullstack for (1) making a killer design for that flashcard app from Junior Phase with Yves and (2) for getting to 4 kyu on Codewars. 😦
    • There is A LOT of planning done in preparation for the groups pairing off for the Capstone projects. If the point was to emphasize what a big deal it was, point successfully emphasized!
    • After a lot of discussion about ideas, I decide to hop on to David’s idea of creating an internal sort of LinkedIn for Fullstack Academy students and companies that are looking to hire them.
      • It seems very practical and I actually was thinking of this as a potential project myself when looking at bootcamps to attend.
      • I had really wanted a place to go to for Fullstack Academy where I could explore all the hackathons, projects, and companies students are involved with.
      • And so now I can at least start putting the seed in the ground for this project per se since it’ll be continually developed and improved upon within Fullstack regardless.

By the time I finally finish out the last kinks of my stackathon project Monday morning, I’m feeling something like this:

Stackathon Project – About Page

Capstone Project – Hiredot2 – Wireframing


Time travel wasn’t even that necessary this time, but hey. 😎

  • Week 10
    • As it turns out, there are only 2 people in my group for the capstone project (which has now been dubbed Hiredot2 because a previous Hiredot existed…but died out[?]), myself included.
      • Yes, it’s actually just Joanna and I.
      • I’ve actually mentioned Joanna here on my blog before.
      • She’s the one who attends Cornell Tech for her Master’s in Connective Media.
      • In her last year too. Lucky gal.
    • Anyways, the reason we’re just a group of two (and that usually never happens with capstone projects but there’s definitely been some exceptions going on with my cohort because they’re trying to accommodate the preferences that us Summer of Code (SOC) students have) is because (1) we’re both SOC students so we’re obligated to work together and (2) I thought I would have to go back home early for further steps in the interview process for the Apple College At Home Advisor position.
      • Turns out though I was totally wrong about that last part and I’ll definitely be able to finish the program till the end.
      • However, Joanna still has to start going back to school this Wednesday (today) so she’ll only be coming to Fullstack part time from then (now) on.
      • Most people figured at that point that both of us would have less time to work on the capstone, so it just ended up being the two of us.
      • Anywhoozies, the point is – it’s a tight situation.
    • I started working on actual code this week for the capstone.
    • There’s more Interfeud. The Flex students end up winning of course. 🙄
    • A lot of the states (hackathons, projects, students, companies) are basically done now for Hiredot2, but time slots still need to be created for the hiring event state and the dragging and dropping feature for students and companies.

How I feel my capstone group is like compared to other groups.

And here’s how the home page looks like now for Hiredot2. There’s obviously more I could show you, but ehhh.


Free hug.


Also, I really feel like dancing.


Last updated on May 4th, 2020