The Start Of A Wondrous Migration

I’m starting the process of migrating this blog from WordPress to Jekyll. 🦋

After 4 lovely years using WordPress, I am officially starting the process of moving from WordPress to Jekyll. 🦋

Now, I just want to reassure Automattic that I’ve been loving my experience. Seriously. I don’t worry about maintaining server security or plugins or anything back-end related. I just pick out a cool theme I like and publish all my content. Everything is streamlined and easy to manage.

However, there are a few key issues that have made me want to finally make the big move and they’re as follows

  • Price
    • Theming: During my 4 years using, I’ve tried out tons of free themes but have always ended up using a Premium one. Those cost money of course but so far, I’ve only bought 2 They were “Venture” ($125) and “tdEditor” ($75), both themes by the same awesome developer Tasko. But yeah, that’s $200… 💸
    • Domain: Even though I’m on the free plan for, I still pay $18/year for domain registration. So that means I’ve spent $54 so far for the past 3 years. I’m set to be renewed for July 20th, 2017 which is when I hope to have the migration completed and my domain transferred to a service like Namecheap instead where it’ll probably be much cheaper than $18 a year! 😅
    • Overall, $254 for 3 years doesn’t seem that bad. But when you think about it, that’s like $84 a year and I’d end up paying $1000 long-term if I decide to stick around for another 7 years. Pass… I want to keep my money… 🤑
  • Control
    • I want to be able to embed all these awesome things (for example, Behance projects) and I totally could if I self-hosted my WordPress website but that would involve so much EXTRA. Just EXTRA, you know? Extra money, extra effort, extra learning I’m not interested in (PHP?? Pass…). 😑
    • Commenting is not really well implemented in I prefer social logins for commenting platforms. This will be possible to implement using Disqus as my comment provider for my new blog. 👥
    • As a developer, I have the capability to develop my own damn website without paying or relying on someone else to code/design it for me. Plus, I would like to use my own damn design! 🃏
  • Scalability
    • I do a ton of shit besides school and work (conferences, hackathons, travels, programs, etc). And generally, I like to blog about it or just share it on my blog to be able to reflect on those adventures later. ✈
    • Unfortunately, the way WordPress is structured and the way I like to write, it’s tedious to create a methodology that will allow me to share as much as I want as fast as possible. I want to be able to share my projects and adventures the instant I finish creating the post and it’s hard to do that with WordPress. 📉
    • I already write all my content using Markdown, Sublime Text 3 and Marked 2. With Jekyll, that content can be shared instantly instead of exported to WordPress and then fine-tuned. 📝

So this will probably be one of my last posts on this blog as I transition all the content over. 😶

Feel free to view the progress of my new blog at but I don’t expect it to be fully fleshed out until July of this year.🌻

In the meantime, I am still actively publishing content to the following services so feel free to check them out! 😊

Overall, I’m super excited about this process and have been actively working on my new website the entirety of this past week. Here’s to new beginnings! 🎉

The header image is in reference to that awesome migration Monarch butterflies have every year. 🦋

Last updated on July 5th, 2020