The Unicorn Engineer — Issue #3

In this newsletter, I’ll share personal and career learnings, advice, collaboration opportunities, and more. 📨

Hola, hola! 👋🏽

This month has been quite gloomy for a variety of reasons but I’m hoping I can bring some light to your day! ☀️

In this issue, I’ll be covering the following:

What’s New 🆕

A Day in the Life

I often get asked this question by folks I mentor aspiring to become software engineers. What does a day/week look like for you? 🤔

And, of course, no day is the same, but overall, the structure more or less looks like this.

Resources for Laid Off Software Engineers

I want to offer some support for software engineers who have been laid off because I know firsthand how arduous the job search process can be.

Here are some resources I’ve found helpful during the job search.

Ways to Collaborate 💡

I have a few projects in different stages that I’d love to collaborate with others on.

These would be great opportunities for folks looking to add a project to their resume. 🌱

Looking for folks who want to re-design this directory of apprenticeships and take it to the next level.

DiversifyMe 🧭

Looking for folks who are interested in converting this list of diversity scholarships to a website.


Looking for folks passionate about ERGs and want to collaborate on an online platform for ERG leads further.

Latinas Who Code Directory 👾✨

Looking for folks willing to collaborate on an open-source directory and community for Latina software engineers.

What I’m Looking Forward To 🔜

Tech Intersections

I’ll be speaking at Tech Intersections at Mills College in Oakland, CA, this January. 🙌🏽

Tech Intersections is an inspiring, accessible, and affordable conference for the women of color most underrepresented in computing. ðŸ’›

That’s a wrap! 🙌🏽

That wraps up my third issue.

I’m always open to feedback and suggestions on content as I get this little newsletter ramped up.

Thanks for reading! 💛

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Last updated on November 21st, 2022