Optimizing Open Source in 2021

I was invited to speak on open source for NGINX and BrightTalk and shared my experiences as an open source maintainer and best practices encouraged by the devrel team at Slack.Continue readingOptimizing Open Source in 2021

Diversity in Tech: Tech for Social Good

I was invited to speak at a Diversity in Tech session. Here is the letter they sent me. In 2017, when I first joined Techqueria, I was not the only Latinx person in the workplace. And that felt like such a blessing. I didn’t really see people like me thriving in tech or entering the…Continue readingDiversity in Tech: Tech for Social Good

Aspen Roundtable on Latino Tech Talent

I participated in a convention bringing together leaders in workforce development and technology sectors to examine multiple topics in the tech sector. Continue readingAspen Roundtable on Latino Tech Talent

How Slack ERGs stay connected during remote work

I was featured in Slack’s blog for my work with Slack’s Latinx & Hispanic ERG, Fuego, which I helped launch during the pandemic.Continue readingHow Slack ERGs stay connected during remote work

NextGen Collective – Latinx to Watch

I was featured in the NextGen Collective newsletter under Latinx to Watch. Interview Questions Where are you from?I was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, which is where I have resided ever since the pandemic started last March. I do miss living in the Bay Area, though, which is where I was for about five…Continue readingNextGen Collective – Latinx to Watch

Asana Learning Talk

Asana learning talk highlights messages from members about how Techqueria has helped them with their professional paths.Continue readingAsana Learning Talk

The Connector Award by The Buildies

I was given the “Connector Award” in The Buildies Awards. I was given the award by Commsor for being a community builder that brings people together. The Buildie Awards are highlighting the builders, the creators, the makers, and the doers. Each winner was asked to provide a short bio, and a handful of predictions about…Continue readingThe Connector Award by The Buildies

Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech

I did a Slack AMA for HubSpot’s “Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech” event on November 9th. Very grateful for the opportunity and excited to share my experience as a first-generation Latina on building my career in tech. πŸ™ŒπŸ½ The event promises to be a great experience for first-generation individuals interested in learning more about what…Continue readingBreaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech

Leadership Boot Camp from CEN

I took a nonprofit course through CEN (the Center for Nonprofit Excellence) so I can better understand nonprofit governance as an ED of Techqueria. Course Assets Facebook Post Course Description The nonprofit sector needs resilient and knowledgeable leaders to deliver integral services. Especially now, amid COVID-19 related challenges and the subsequent impact of this pandemic.…Continue readingLeadership Boot Camp from CEN

Pluralsight LIVE 2020

I was invited back to the Pluralsight LIVE event 2020 as a speaker, where I gave a presentation on “The Unexpecting Beauty & Complexity of Web Forms”. Together, we’ll explore the must-add features Slack uses to build web forms that generate leads for successful deals and reflect on the impact they’ve had. You can view…Continue readingPluralsight LIVE 2020