Resources for Breaking Into Tech

This post covers some resources for those trying to break into the tech industry.

Resources for Breaking Into Tech
  1. Mastering your craft
  2. Communities to join
  3. Creating a portfolio
  4. Recommended apps

Mastering your craft

I've listed out sites I'd recommend for ramping up on JavaScript & React in a separate post.

Communities to join

Creating a portfolio

I recommend taking what you're passionate about and using your skills to contribute to that.

For example, I really like training my dogs, so as a project for my portfolio, I could use Next.js to create a PWA that shows tricks I can teach my dogs to help reach AKC certification.

A great initial project is to create a personal website.

For more project ideas, check out GitHub.

Recommended apps

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Alfred
  • Tower or GitHub Desktop
  • Amphetamine
  • Flux
  • BetterSnapTool

More tools I would recommend are under "What I Use".

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