AP Spanish Language Skit

🎭 A fun Spanish skit parodying "The Three Little Pigs" from my AP class! 🐷️ It’s wild, it’s wacky, and willy.

This was a fun little skit I did with a few kids from my AP Spanish Language class. 🐷️

So this was a fun little skit I did with a few kids from my AP Spanish Language class.It was really memorable for me so I figured I’d post it up here along with the rest of my little tidbits.Creds also go to Lizzy, Suzie, and Patricia who were all part of my little skit group.It’s a parody of the “Three Little Pigs”, but in Spanish… obviously.I would translate it all, but it’s only for AP Spanish rug rats anyways.For this parody, you will need

  1. 1 Wolf mask (or a hairy dude)
  2. 3 Pig masks (or 3 fat people… I kid, I kid!)
  3. Guns/Knives (better if fake so no one accidentally gets shanked)
  4. Fake monopoly money
  5. Light-saber (optional… helps create image of psychopath)


  • Piggie 1 - Druggie - D - Lizzy D - needs a plastic bag with “leaves” (it’s supposed to be marijuana durrrr) in it.
  • Piggie 2 - Terrorist- T - Suzie T - needs a grenade like object… because T is a terrorist.
  • Piggie 3 - Psychopath - Patricia P - needs a lot of courage to act like a psychopath. And maybe a light-saber.
  • Wolf - F***** Up Wolf - Frances


  • F: (talking on phone in middle of nowhere) Hola jefe! Justamente encontre los lugares donde los tres mas grandes chanchitas de la mafia estan. Ahora voy a capturar los, jefe. Dame suerte.


  • D: (playing with drugs) Hermanos… quieren?
  • P: (tilts head) Quisas.
  • S: (holds grenade up) KAMAKAMEHA! … No gracias.
  • D: Okay, mas para mi…
  • P: (tilt head) Oye, ya saben que el lobo ya sabe de nostotros y ya viene!
  • D: Ehh… dame tiempo para pensar.
  • S: Oye chanca tres, creo que necessitamos explotar el lobo!
  • P: Okay buena idea chanca uno. Entonces te veo manana.
  • P: (tilts head) Naranja? …

At Druggie’s house

  • F: (knock knock) Hola! alguien esta alli?
  • D: Que?? No, son mis drogas. No, nadie esta aqui.
  • F: Chancha estupida…. (rolls eyes).. Esto va hacer facil. Oye, chancha, tengo lo que quieres….
  • D: (opens door fast) DROGAS??
  • F: (holds up bag) Quieres este tipo de drogas???
  • D: Eso me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • F: Si, lo se… Bueno, tengo una discuenta especial. Solo va a hacer $2 dolares.
  • D: OMG! (throws money at wolf, sniffs drugs, throws old drugs away, and before she takes drugs away from wolf, wolf kills her)
  • D: (while dying) yooooooooooooo…………. D then dies
  • F: Uno muerto, dos mas ahora……

At Terrorist’s house

  • S: (looking around nervously)
  • F: (knock knock) Hola? Alguien esta alli?
  • S: OMG!!! OMGG!!! (rabble e.g. (achemedkamaphelemyana!)
  • F: hmmm… extrano…
  • S: Quien es?
  • F: Soy un pintora! Quieres ver mis varias pinturas???
  • S: Hmm okay okay, esta bien. Me gusta a Picasso. (opens door)
  • F: HAHA! ahora mueres!!
  • S: NOOOO.. (rabble) S dies
  • F: Eso fue facil.

At Psychopath’s house

  • F: (knocks on door) Muahahaha. Esta es la ultima chanchita.
  • P: (hides)
  • F: Knocks harder. Yo se que estas ahi! abreme la puerta chancha estupida!
  • P: Nunca! Nunca me vas a atrapar!
  • F: Ya mate a tus hermanas. Tambien te puedo matar a ti
  • P: Que!?!!? Matastes a mis hermanas?!!?!
  • F: Si, y ahora te matare a ti tambien
  • P: Comes out from hiding place. Nadie mata a mis hermanas! Loba estupida! (shoots F)
  • F: Ahhhh…(falls down)
  • P: Muahahahaha
  • F: NO! No voy a morir! (stands up with last bit of energy and stabs P)
  • P: Nooooo…. P dies
  • F: Ya puedo morir .. contento… F dies



Everyone died like a b*****!

Lesson Learned?

Don’t be no hairy or fat mo-fo and life will work out for you.Toodles people!

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