Asana Learning Talk

Asana learning talk highlights messages from members about how Techqueria has helped them with their professional paths.

I received this email, and it was an invitation to participate in an Asana Learning Talk for Asana employees.

We're looking to have a robust discussion centered around the ways organizations have positively impacted the diversity and breadth of opportunities across the entire talent pipeline, from early education to senior-level executives. The work of Techqueria to support the inclusion of the Latinx community is a critical part of this equation, so I'm very excited that your work, experience, and perspective will be a part of the conversation!

Email sent to me

I created a Google presentation highlighting Techqueria members for the Asana Learning Talk.

In the presentation, I introduced Techqueria and included messages shared by Techqueria members.

There were roughly 40 people in attendance.



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