Cataloging My ITunes Music

Compiling all the music from my iTunes library due to sheer boredom.

Okay, I’ve decided to compile all the music from my iTunes library due to sheer boredom.

Okay, I’ve decided to compile all the music from my iTunes library due to sheer boredom.

Also, I think it’ll be nice to see how much my musical preferences have changed a few years from now. And it will change.As a general rule with my albums, if an artist has less than 5 songs in my library, all the songs from that artist are put into a “Random” album, which means they’re bunched up with a whole lot of other songs that fall into a particular genre. Because of this ‘rule’, I only have 30 albums but 621 songs, most albums being the ‘Random’ ones.Most of my music falls into one of two genres: Soundtrack or Techno, soundtrack music being defined as music I find from any movie/tv-show/video game and techno music being defined as music I feel sounds electronic/house/tech like. I generalized all the genres for my music so it would be easier to categorize.After some deliberation (about 10 seconds of it), I’ve decided to go forward with this post by inserting images of each album showcasing the songs instead of directly referencing over 600 songs. Could get tedious.I might come back and manually reference each one, but NOT TODAY.

UPDATE - January 2016: Deleted my screenshots for this post that showed all the song titles and what not. Oops. So now it’s just sort of a YouTube messs. OH WELL…

All the songs I enjoy from the Assassin’s Creed games I-IV, which I’ve never actually played before.One of my all time favorites is Assassin's Creed III Main Theme.Songs that Calvin Harris worked on.The Classics.These are all just songs from Enrique Iglesias but I just happened to use the Euphoria album artwork for all it even though these songs all don’t come from that one album.I don’t think I could ever get tired of Heartbeat. songs are great when in the right mood. I actually learned about Evanescence through my mom because she enjoyed listening to her back when Evanescence was just starting out. It’s a solid album, regardless.Inception was an awesome experience and I ended up being one of those crazy people that took the plot too seriously and made up all these hypothetical scenarios about dream worlds and how I’d probably remain stuck in one too and my totem would just keep moving about, endlessly turning and turning. Mmmmhmmm..I used to be addicted to Zimmer’s Time. If you watch Interstellar in IMAX, you will feel as if you’re actually floating in space during some parts of the film.I like S.T.A.Y. the most because that’s when everything just came into place during the filmI don’t think I could ever tired of the movie Amelie or its beautiful soundtrack.The first time I heard Comptine d'Un Autre Été was before I even knew who Amelie was so when I heard it again in the movie, it just clicked and I still don’t get tired of listening to it. combined the music from the Hobbit series and LOTR series for this one Lord of the Rings album because well, same difference.It was great hearing the Misty Mountains in one of the very trailers for the Hobbit because finally, it felt like the song was being lifted above the pages.What can I say? The Maze Runner definitely had its moments.My favorite from this album is definitely the main theme: The Maze Runner.You can’t go wrong with POTC. YOU CANNOT. Daft Punk, it’s your birthday, and you’re gonna party like it’s your birthday.And cause it’s your birthday, you’re gonna lose yourself to dance one more time around the world being harder, better, faster, stronger, just trying to get lucky with your instant crush in a technologic trance.Copyright FVCproductions 2015. Lol. all you alternatives out there.La da di da… like there’s no tomorrow………………Yes, ma Cherie… of my EPIC music could probably be considered soundtrack as well or are just in separate albums. Too much epicness to handle sometimes.A long time favorite of mine from here is Nara. be honest, I’m not that much into indie music unless it’s ridiculously mellow or just sounds kinda like techno. I go to if I’m trying to workout and feel bummed out. Or just because.

Si, ya tu sabes. Jaja. ;-)

I’m really not much of an oldies fan, but if I’m really in the mood…

I’m actually really not sure if all these songs would necessarily fit into the ‘Pop’ category, but oh well!My very limited R&B selection and again as with Pop, I’m not sure if these are all ‘R&B’ per se.Ice Box by Omarion is a long time favorite of mine, I have yet to grow tired of listening to it.Tbh, not much into Rock either…I could actually probably drop all these songs and be ok with it…OMG, soundtrack time!! 3 screenshots needed…And it’s now techno’s turn… 2 screenshots only this time.Bla Bla Bla definitely isn’t my favorite song from my techno album, but it has the best music video by far.My ‘Random World’ album is where I have songs that are not in English nor en Espanol. I have Albanian, Greek, Hindi/Bollywood, Arabic, Swedish, Portuguese, French, Iranian, Italian, Belizean, Chinese, Lebanese, Romanian, and Russian genres mixed up in this one. It’s always nice finding a catchy non-American song.

Beam me up, Scotty.

Look at that, more epic music. Surprise, surprise.I really enjoy Guardians at the Gate because it reminds me of the trailer from AVATAR.TRON. LEGACY.Before I updated my laptop a while back, I actually had 1,000+ plays on the track The Son of Flynn. It was just so soothing/addicting that I played it when I needed to relax and let go a bit. It had 10 times more plays than any of my other songs, it was ridiculous. Then again, it is only 95 seconds long.. MAN. Two Steps From Hell. Seriously though, check these guys out. I hear them in movie trailers all the bloody time, they’re insanely great at making the epiccesssttt of epic music.One of my favorites of theirs is Heart of Courage. XMAS!I’m dreaming of a white Christmas (in deep voice). Okay, enough of this.
Think my music is lacking a bit?
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