Conferences Everywhere

Struggling to find conferences to attend or speak at?

Struggling to find conferences to attend or speak at?

Well, you’re in luck 😛 because here’s a compilation of websites I have found over the ages!These websites all essentially aggregate events that are tech related into one space where it’s easy to filter by topic, location or date.Hope it helps! 💛


Awesome Conference

🎟 Awesome Conference Developer, Marketing, Designer

Awesome Conference is a web and mobile service to help developers, marketers and designers in finding the best conferences around the world.




ConferenceList is the largest database of conferences around the world. Find conferences near you.


Conferize - We need to meet

The all-in-one social solution for modern event makers: Website, tickets, and community in one place.

Great for those underrepresented in the tech industry (like myself) 👩🏽‍💻



TechSpeakers CFP Calendar

GitHub Repos

There’s quite a few…

And here’s one I want to point out cause I created the repo 😂
Image Attribution: “Connections” by Ranganath Krishnamani

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