Coro Northern California Selection Day 2021

I helped select the 74th Class of Coro Fellows in Public Affairs for Northern California by volunteering as a judge for the annual Selection Day.

I participated in Coro's selection day for the second time. I participated last time in 2019.

I was 1 of 7 judges who worked with the exercise leader (a current fellow) to interview seven candidates throughout the day (9 am to 4 pm, with breaks).

Selection Day is dedicated to interviewing and identifying candidates for the Coro Fellows Program and is part of a national selection process at Coro centers in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, New York, and St. Louis.

Selection Day aims to provide an opportunity for community members and Coro staff to interact with the candidates in various settings to assess their interest in public life, ability to handle stressful and demanding interactions, and ability to work in groups.

Additionally, candidates will walk away having learned about themselves and what to expect from the Coro experience.

The day before Selection Day, I was provided with a digital Judges Binder that included the following:

  • Judge schedules
  • Instructions for morning exercises and afternoon interviews
  • Score forms
  • Candidate biographies

The Coro Fellowship is an immersive experience for a cohort of leaders eager to make an impact in public affairs. Each Fellow will complete placements at a government agency, nonprofit organization, business, political campaign, and labor/workforce development organization. Fellows will also complete a group development project, interview cross-sector leaders, and engage in focus weeks dedicated to public finance, healthcare, communications, and agriculture.

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