Desiring The Casual

A little poetry never hurt anyone. 🐛

This is a poem wrote back in the day.

Come, come insects and birds!

Devour and bite, no longer hide.

For this day can no longer get any worse

With Waldo nowhere in sight

Piano playing

Impossible. You're outside.

Hiding behind a masquerade, are you?

The books tilt, the light bulbs twitch.

The deep intuition and wisdom is progressing, yet...

Everything learned will forget to return.

The books on the desk stand up straight

They beckon you to dance with them

Impossible. You're outside.

The womanly mosquito decides to bite its host.

Caring to notice is almost the same as caring about other things.

So it would be best not to.

Yes, very dark outside. A reminder of

That one individual. Breathing in a lonesome world right now indeed.

Those thoughts of "him" are noxious for my brain

With his eyes bluer and deeper as the Mariana trench,

I'm drowning in the sea.

I desire the casual yet I know it is

Time to think of the impossible.

This poem was featured in the POTW Issue 30 of Jacobs University Bremen (page 16).

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