A record of all the college courses and tests I've taken from 2007 to 2017.

Since having graduated with an MS in CS from Cornell Tech, I’ve taken a total of 89 college-level courses starting from 2010.To provide context, that’s about 30% more than the average master’s student will take, including undergrad courses.Anyways, I value transparency and I could care less about formal education at this point, so here’s a record of all the courses and tests I’ve been through since 2007.


Course NameCourse #GradeSemesterYearSchoolConversations in the StudioCS 5091PASSSpring2017Cornell TechConnective Media Systems and TechINFO 5302A+Spring2017Cornell TechDesign ThinkingNBAY 5180A-Spring2017Cornell TechLeadership for StudioNBAY 6700ASpring2017Cornell TechWomen in LeadershipNBAY 6130ASpring2017Cornell TechHCI and DesignCS 5682ASpring2017Cornell TechProduct ManagementCS 5093ASpring2017Cornell TechPrivacy in the Digital AgeCS 5436ASpring2017Cornell TechStartup StudioCS 5999ASpring2017Cornell TechConversations in the StudioCS 5091PASSFall2016Cornell TechSecurity and Privacy Concepts in the WildCS 5435CFall2016Cornell TechBusiness for TechNBAY 5500BFall2016Cornell TechIntro to iOS DevelopmentCS 2048AUDITFall2016Cornell TechPhysical ComputingCS 5422A-Fall2016Cornell TechStartup Systems Design and EngineeringCS 5356A-Fall2016Cornell TechProduct StudioCS 5999AFall2016Cornell TechStartup IdeasCS 5092AFall2016Cornell TechLeadership for StudioNBAY 6700AFall2016Cornell TechSpecial Topics: CryptographyCSC 395B+Spring2016Hampton UniversitySoftware Design and Development IICSC 405B-Spring2016Hampton UniversityOrganization of Programming LanguagesCSC 308BSpring2016Hampton UniversityIntro to ComputersCSC 120A-Spring2016Hampton UniversityIntro to Physics II with CalculusPHY 204ASpring2016Hampton UniversitySoftware Design and Development ICSC 404B-Fall2015Hampton UniversityMathematical FoundationsCSC 510B-Fall2015Hampton UniversityIntro to Physics II LabPHY 216BFall2015Hampton UniversityOperating Systems ICSC 301A-Fall2015Hampton UniversitySenior SeminarCSC 425AFall2015Hampton UniversityDatabasesCSC 570AFall2015Hampton UniversityElementary Linear AlgebraMAT 208B+Spring2015Hampton UniversityComputer Organization IICSC 205BSpring2015Hampton UniversityTechnical CommunicationENG 218A+Spring2015Hampton UniversityC++ Unix ProgrammingCSC 210ASpring2015Hampton UniversityData Structures IICSC 252ASpring2015Hampton UniversitySpecial Topics: Web and Mobile AppsCSC 395ASpring2015Hampton UniversityGeneral Biology with LabBIO 103PASSFall2014Hampton UniversityHumanities IHUM 201CLEPFall2014Hampton UniversityHumanities IIHUM 202CLEPFall2014Hampton UniversityComputer Organization ICSC 204C+Fall2014Hampton UniversityData Structures ICSC 251CFall2014Hampton UniversityIntro to Physics I LabPHY 215B+Fall2014Hampton UniversityProbability & StatsMAT 305BFall2014Hampton UniversityBasic Research Topics in CSC: Python ProgrammingCSC 291A+Fall2014Hampton UniversityDiscrete StructuresCSC 215AFall2014Hampton UniversityIntro to Physics I with CalculusPHY 203AFall2014Hampton UniversityWritten Communication IENG 101CLEPSpring2014Hampton UniversityWritten Communication IIENG 102CLEPSpring2014Hampton UniversityCalculus IMAT 151A+Spring2014Hampton UniversityAerobic SwimmingPED 133A+Spring2014Hampton UniversityBeginning SwimmingPED 134A+Spring2014Hampton UniversityComputer Programming ICSC 151A-Spring2014Hampton UniversityWorld Civilizations IIHIS 106A-Spring2014Hampton UniversityOral CommunicationCOM 103ASpring2014Hampton UniversityHealth EducationHEA 200ASpring2014Hampton UniversityCalculus IIMATH 212CSummer2014Old Dominion UniversityComputer Programming IICSC 152A-Summer2014Hampton UniversityBusiness Etiquette SeminarBUSPASSFall2013Jacobs University BremenESM 1A - Single Variable CalculusMATFAILFall2013Jacobs University BremenNatSciLab Unit Computer Science ICSFAILFall2013Jacobs University BremenGeneral Biology/Neuroscience IBIOFAILFall2013Jacobs University BremenGeneral Environmental Science IENVFAILFall2013Jacobs University BremenGeneral Computer Science ICSDROPFall2013Jacobs University BremenComputer ArchitectureCSDROPFall2013Jacobs University BremenGerman A1.1GERB-Fall2013Jacobs University BremenNatSciLab Unit Biology/Neuroscience IBIOBFall2013Jacobs University BremenNatSciLab Unit Programming in Python ICSAFall2013Jacobs University BremenAB CalculusAPC+Spring2013Maury High SchoolUS Government & PoliticsAPB+Spring2013Maury High SchoolMacroeonomicsAPB+Spring2013Maury High SchoolPhysics BAPB-Spring2013Maury High SchoolMicroeconomicsAPBSpring2013Maury High SchoolEnglish LiteratureAPASpring2013Maury High SchoolIntroduction to Computing (C++)CSC 110BSummer2013Tidewater Community CollegeAstronomy IINAS 132BSummer2013Tidewater Community CollegeIntroduction to SociologySOC 201AUDITSummer2013Tidewater Community CollegeIntroduction to Philosophy IPHI 101ASummer2013Tidewater Community CollegeAB CalculusAPDROPSpring2012John Hopkins CTY OnlineAB CalculusAPDROPSpring2012Maury High SchoolEnvironmental ScienceAPA-Spring2012Maury High SchoolSpanish Language & CultureAPA-Spring2012Maury High SchoolPsychologyAPASpring2012Maury High SchoolBiologyAPASpring2012Maury High SchoolTechniques for Wildlife Field ResearchSFS 3570B+Summer2012Boston University - School for Field StudiesStatisticsAPB-Spring2011Maury High SchoolEuropean HistoryAPA-Spring2011Maury High SchoolCalculusMAT 130AUDITSummer2011Hampton UniversityGeneral ZoologyBIO 220A-Summer2011Hampton UniversityPrinciples of Accounting IACC 211BSummer2010Tidewater Community CollegeCollege AlgebraMTH 158ASummer2010Tidewater Community College

Test Scores

TestYearMonthScoresGRE - Analytical Writing2015114.580%GRE - Quantitative Reasoning20151115248%GRE - Verbal Reasoning20151115567%CLEP - Humanities20149Total Score - 51(?), Recommended Score - 50PassCLEP - College Composition20144Total Score - 63, Recommended Score - 50PassGeneral Biology with Lab20144Tested outPassAP - AB Calculus201351/5FailAP - English Literature201354/5PassAP - Macroeconomics201351/5FailAP - Spanish Language & Culture201354/5PassAP - US Government & Politics201352/5FailSAT - Critical Reading20131680, 94%94%SAT - Mathematics20131640, 83%83%SAT - Writing20131730, 98%98%SAT - Overall20131205092%AP - Biology201252/5, FailFailAP - Environmental Science201253/5, PassPassAP - Psychology201253/5, PassPassAP - Psychology201253/5, PassPassSOL - Reading20125509, Pass/AdvancedPass/AdvancedSOL - Virginia & US History20125479, Pass/ProficientPass/ProficientSOL - Writing20125586, Pass/AdvancedPass/AdvancedSAT Subject Test - Spanish Literature20111167043%ileAP - European History201153/5PassAP - Statistics201152/5FailPSAT - Critical Reading201155676%ile compared to high school juniorsPSAT - Mathematics201156285%ile compared to high school juniorsPSAT - Overall2011517887%ile compared to high school juniorsPSAT - Writing Skills201156088%ile compared to high school juniorsPSAT - Critical Reading201055788%ile compared to high school sophomoresPSAT - Mathematics201055375%ile compared to high school sophomoresPSAT - Overall2010516879%ile compared to high school juniorsPSAT - Writing Skills201055892%%ile compared to high school sophomoresPSAT - Critical Reading200955484%ile compared to high school sophomoresPSAT - Mathematics200955584%ile compared to high school sophomoresPSAT - Overall2009516880%ile compared to high school juniorsPSAT - Writing Skills200955994%ile compared to high school sophomoresSOL - Biology2009538/50 - 452Pass/ProficientSOL - Civics & Economics2009538/40 - 557Pass/AdvancedSOL - Geometry2009543/45 - 534Pass/AdvancedSOL - Grade 8 Reading2009542/45 - 544Pass/AdvancedSOL - Grade 8 Writing2009546/48 - 483Pass/ProficientEducational Records Bureau CTP3 - Level 4, Form 1 - Quantitative Ability2009329/5095%ile, 8 StanineEducational Records Bureau CTP3 - Level 4, Form 1 - Quantitative Ability2009323/4590%ile, 8 StanineEducational Records Bureau CTP3 - Level 4, Form 1 - Reading Comprehension2009328/4590%ile, 8 StanineSAT - Critical Reading2009144028%ile compared to high school seniorsSAT - Mathematics2009148038%ile compared to high school seniorsSAT - Writing2009156071%ile compared to high school seniorsITBS - Communication Skills2007576% National PercentileNot Identified as GiftedITBS - Social Studies2007589% National PercentileIdentified as Gifted

People are usually impressed that I, as a female minority, was able to graduate with a MS in CS from an Ivy League school by the age of 21.

However, what most people don’t realize is that for the most part, I feel the current education system is deeply flawed.In fact, the only reason I rushed through the whole thing is simply because I couldn’t wait to get it over with.Both my parents are educators so school has always been a big deal for me but I’ve never bought in to the whole “college” lifestyle and I’m glad I’m done with formal education for good.AND THANKFULLY, my parents and I have never had to take a single loan out either.

A few reasons I feel the current education system is terribly flawed include

  • the piss poor salary of teachers in the public school system
  • the randomness/luck that is the admissions process for “elite” colleges
  • the high number of incompetent people lucky enough to get accepted to such colleges and are able to ride off that branding for a while
  • “legacy” anything
  • privileged folks not understanding why “affirmative action” is needed
  • the ridiculous amount of money that is required to get a “good” education that has led to student debt being at an all-time high
  • the lack of accountability from schools to help students find a job
  • the abundance of for-profit schools and shitty coding bootcamp programs that are taking advantage of hopeful but “poor unfortunate souls”


How I think most people feel after they owe a shit ton of money for a degree that wasn’t really worth much.

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