New Blog, New Problems

So I've got a new blog... 💀

I know what you’re thinking… 💭

What’s with the creepy banner image? 👻Well, here’s the thing.At the beginning of this year, I decided to say goodbye to Wordpress and migrate my blog to something faster and with less restraints (cough static site generators cough)

Something like Jekyll.


You see, here’s the thing.

Jekyll is actually REALLY, REALLY slow. 🐢

Like so slow it makes me cringe inside.Here’s an example of what the hell I’m taking about.

It took 87 seconds to serve my shitty website up?? REALLY? 😔Like that’s really intense. I have less than 110 blog posts!!So yeah, that’s where my mind state is these days. 😪I’m trying my hardest outside of work to get this website sanitized before I migrate (AGAIN) to a faster static site generator like Hexo which uses Go and was able to serve all my posts in like 8 ms.

Lesson of the Day: Maintaining a website is tedious!

Update - September 10th, 2017

I’m at that point during this process of sanitizing all these damn posts that I’m feeling like…

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