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For Startup Studio at Cornell Tech, I teamed up with three other women to create a streamlined document management solution targeted at social workers so they can place children into foster care faster. company is called Venus and we created a product called Mora.

In Startup Studio at Cornell Tech, all students practice the actions of entrepreneurship, product design, management, prototyping and more by developing a new startup from the ground up.


Sprint 1

Presented on February 24th, 2017.

As part of Startup Studio Sprint 1 at Cornell Tech, I designed and developed a desktop app called Mora that acts as a streamlined document management solution for social workers in the foster care field.

Sprint 2

Sprint 3

Final Sprint



Open Studio Poster

In Startup Studio at Cornell Tech, teams experiment with creating a startup from the bottom up.Team Venus, my team, recognized the problem social workers have with placing kids in homes faster in part because of the lack of tech innovation within the foster care industry.We addressed this problem by creating Mora, a cross-platform streamlined case management and analytics solution for foster care agencies.At the end of the semester, each team was also tasked to create a poster for their teams in order to display them at Open Studio.This is the end result.Feel free to download the PDF here.

GitHub Repo

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