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Stanford University


Han-Hsun Huang Engineering Center - Stanford University


February 12th to 14th, 2016



Stanford’s annual hackathon.TreeHacks is Stanford University’s official national hackathon. This year, they brought in over 670 hackers with a 50/50 gender ratio, the first major student-run hackathon to be able to do so.

  • Our team, Big Hero 4, created Ammalia (which means surgery in Arabic), a Leap Motion assisted app that allows medical professionals to easily view and manipulate scans while scrubbed in, sterile and ready to perform a surgery
  • Best Social Impact Prize - Sponsored by GoodHacks
  • Best Use of Dropbox API - Sponsored by Dropbox


Ammalia. Where surgeons go to explore.

Ammalia, which means surgery in Arabic, is a Leap Motion assisted app that allows a surgeon to analyze pictures of their patient’s problem (i.e. brain tumors) using the Dropbox API.The areas we believe Ammalia could be the most useful is with radiology image manipulation / scrolling while scrubbed in & sterile in the OR.


Out of State Applicant Scholarship - December 2015

I was 1 of 150 hackers from out of state who was accepted to attend TreeHacks with full travel reimbursement from over two thousand applicants, so basically a ~7.5% acceptance rate.

Hackathon Prizes
  • Best Use of Dropbox API 100 GB of Dropbox storage for each member
  • Best Social Impact
  • Lunch with Stanford President Hennessey + $400 to a charity of your choice
  • Coaching with Shannon Farley & Tour of Fast Forward
  • $400 to a charity of your choice


This is a Medium article about one of my teammates from the hackathon - Stephanie. She was awesome!


  • Theme Color: #62A7C6
  • Font: Karla


Created a README badge using Sketch to be used for project READMEs hacked out at TreeHacks.

Future Features

  1. We can see Ammalia potentially pivoting to include 3D manipulation of MRI and CT scans mid-procedure, which is important when, for example, determining the extent of a tumor in real-time.
  2. Another area we could look into is radiology and cardiology intervention which would actually involve catheter manipulation.
  3. Also, depending on the patient chosen, Ammalia could also showcase different health record data points that pertain to the patient being showcased\ (i.e. name, age, background, etc).


  • Leap Motion
  • uses Leap Motion API and hardware to track hand gestures (pan in/out, zoom in/out, slide right/left) without physically touching computer
  • Dropbox API
  • use Dropbox for uploading/storing images for patient’s problems
  • have folders within Dropbox API represent a single patient

Team - Big Hero 4


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