Two Latina Software Engineers Talk Tech

Sharing our journey into software engineering and relevant career advice with the community during Latinx Heritage Month.

Aspen Roundtable on Latino Tech Talent

I participated in a convention bringing together leaders in workforce development and technology sectors to examine multiple topics in the tech sector.

Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech

I did a Slack AMA for HubSpot’s “Breaking Barriers: First-Gens in Tech” event on November 9th. Very grateful for the opportunity and excited to share…

My Journey with Coro

This is my journey with Coro from 2018 to 2021, a comprehensive timeline of my milestones with this wonderful org.

Reinventing tech’s pipeline: Inside the effort to boost black and Latinx talent

I was quoted in this article by Protocol. “There are different orgs that focus on the different parts of the leaky tech pipeline,” said Coronel,…

LTX Fest — The Power of Community

Day 4 — October 11 — Techqueria Presents: The Power of Community

LTX Fest — Grow Into Your Executive Self Panel

Day 3 — October 10 — Kapor Center — Grow Into Your Executive Self — LTX Fest 2019

LTX Fest — Rising Stars in Engineering Panel

Overview Day 2 — October 9 — Latinas in Tech — Rising Stars in Engineering — LTX Fest 2019 Pictures