I’m a senior software engineer, a fierce advocate for diversity in tech, and a doting Corgi mom. I am passionate about supporting and uplifting Latinx professionals in tech (especially Latina software engineers), employee resource groups, and software engineering apprentices.

I was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, and I identify as Peruvian-American. I currently reside in Ohio with my partner and our two Corgis, Luna and Sueño. I hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Hampton University and a Master’s in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

I have over six years of full-time software engineering experience with a heavy focus on product and web frontend development. My specialties are in product & growth engineering, design systems, and accessibility.

At Slack, I currently work on the Lists team which is developing a native project management solution. I previously worked on the Customer Acquisition team where one of my projects resulted in over $80 million in pipeline revenue. For co-founding the Fuego ERG for Latinx employees and uplifting other engineers on my team, I have received numerous praises for my cross-functional leadership capabilities.

I've logged 250+ hours of 1:1 mentoring sessions with current and aspiring software engineers. I set up these sessions through referrals in my own network and through organizations like Formation, Fullstack Academy, Springboard, Thinkful and Code2040.

I previously served as the Executive Director for Techqueria, a 501c3 nonprofit serving the largest community of Latinx professionals in tech. I oversaw digital strategy and partnership efforts and hired six staff members throughout my tenure. Revenue increased by 5x, and the online community grew by 3x. For my work with Techqueria, I was awarded the Ricardo Salinas scholarship to attend the Aspen Executive Leadership Seminar.

I'm also an avid open source contributor and have created a few popular projects such as "Latina Dev", "Apprenticeships.me" and "Eng Job Search". My thoughts on how maintainers can create community in open source have been featured in GitHub's README blog.

I am a sought out speaker on both frontend web topics and racial equity in tech. Since 2015, I’ve spoken at 100+ events covering a variety of topics, ranging from driving DEI in the tech industry, community building for open source projects and progressive web apps.

I have given talks for many notable organizations like Stanford, Google Developer Groups, Asana, Unidos US, Smash Academy, and Netflix.

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