Culture Fit Podcast Episode 1: Monoculture

Interviewed as part of a podcast focused on tech culture and racial diversity.

Episode Description

People from communities that have long been excluded by Silicon Valley’s monoculture share their personal stories and walk through the data on the lack of diversity in tech. When it comes to cognitive biases, what critical errors do our brains make without even realizing it?

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"Google has the best search engine in the world, but they can't find enough diverse people to fill the workforce." 10:06

Podcast Description

Culture Fit: Racial Bias in Tech takes an in-depth look at racial inequalities in the tech industry, from the biases that get built into products to Silicon Valley's problematic monoculture. Product and design expert Dairien Boyd weaves the perspectives of tech founders, investors, and professionals together to dismantle common excuses for why things are the way they are, and explore how to move toward a more inclusive future.

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