freeCodeCamp Open Source Contributions

Contributed to TypeScript section for freeCodeCamp guides resource & acted as a reviewer for a repo that had 5K PRs open at one point.

Update: 2017-11-30

freeCodeCamp Guides
freeCodeCamp Guides

Contributed to TypeScript section & README among other things for freeCodeCamp.

Also ended up being asked to be a PR reviewer and this experience was both overwhelming and fun since it was the first time I was a maintainer/reviewer for a very active repo on GitHub. At one point, there were over 5K PRs open…

Here are all the PRs I opened:

And I was the reviewer for about 170 PRs:

Ended up being #6 out of 2,000+ contributors:

Update: 12/2/18

My contributions were merged to monorepo and this repo is now the most starred repo on GitHub with ~300K stars.

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