Learning Resources for the JavaScript & React Newbie

This list covers different resources I can personally vouch for and would recommend to a JavaScript and React newbie.

Everyone has different preferred learning mediums for programming, so you should figure out what yours is and optimize for that.

Examples of different mediums:

  • online interactive courses (e.g., Learn React)
  • project-based challenges (e.g., 30 days of React)
  • video series (e.g., Beginner React Course)
  • audio podcasts (e.g., JS Party)
  • meetups & conferences (e.g. JSConf)

When I first started learning how to code, I preferred using Codecademy and Code School (RIP). I then amplified my learning with more online courses, coding bootcamps, and in-person meetups and conferences.

Nowadays, if I want to learn new technology, I try to take a free short online course on it and then just start digging in using the documentation. That's pretty much it.

This list covers different resources I've used and can personally vouch for and recommend to someone who wants to start learning JavaScript & React.

A star beside the resources indicates it is one of my favorites. ★

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