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This list provides graduate programs that offer a dual degree in an MBA and Master’s in Computer Science/Robotics/AI/related – which are of course, few and far.MBAs will include any type: executive, part-time, international, etc.MSCSs will include research specializations in: general computer science, machine learning, genetic algorithms, strong AI, robotics, and so on.Anyone is welcome to contact me and contribute to this list.

Originally created September 14, 2014.

Cal Poly

MBA & MS in an Engineering Discipline - Computer Science

  • About
  • The mission of the MBA Dual Degree option is to develop high-quality industry ready graduates who will be facilitators of change and integrators of engineering, business, and people issues.
  • Required to Apply
  • Current Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • (1) Confidential Letter of Recommendation
  • GMAT or GRE exam results
  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges/universities attended.
  • CSU Mentor Application

Carnegie Mellon University

MBA & Software Engineering

  • About
  • The MBA/Software Engineering dual degree provides access to Carnegie Mellon’s top-ranked School of Computer Science, preparing MBAs with advanced engineering, managerial, decision-making, and communication skills necessary to advance to senior levels of technology strategist.
  • Required to Apply
  • Each applicant must apply and satisfy the admission requirements of the MBA program at the Tepper School and the MSE at the School of Computer Science respectively
  • Each applicant is required to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the GRE.

Stanford University

MBA & MS in Computer Science

  • About - The Joint MS in Computer Science /MBA Degree Program (CS/MBA) enables students to pursue simultaneously a Master of Business Administration at the Graduate School of Business (GSB) and a Master of Science in Computer Science at the Stanford School of Engineering. - Joint MS/MBA degree students will have interests in technology and leadership with a desire to become managers or entrepreneurs in technologically-inclined businesses. - Required to Apply - Students must apply to meet the application requirements for each program separately.

Stony Brook University

MBA & MS - Computer Science

  • About
  • This degree is designed to provide MSCS students with a broad business education, which will increase their value to the firms where they will apply their information technology skills.
  • The combined degree will position these students to assume leadership roles in these firms.
  • In the combined degree, students will gain not only technical knowledge provided in the MSCS program but the ability to put that technical knowledge to use in business applications.
  • Graduates of the combined program will be highly sought after by businesses.
  • The vast majority of the graduates of MSCS already pursue careers in business, and with an MBA, they will be even more valuable to these businesses.
  • This combined program has identified courses with subject matter that is essential to both degree programs.
  • As a result, we are giving graduates of this combined degree a broader education than students would obtain by taking only one of these programs.
  • Required to Apply
  • Students qualifying for the MS Computer Science/MBA joint degree will be allowed to enter the program directly following their bachelors degree without having previously obtained a masters degree.
  • Under other circumstances, the College of Business usually requires students to have an advanced degree or 5 years of business experience to enter their 48 credit MBA program.
  • Admission decisions for the combined degree program will be made separately by each program’s admissions committee.
  • An applicant may originate the application in either department or may already be admitted to one or the other program.
  • The candidate would have to be approved by both admissions committees to gain admission to the combined program.

UCLA - University of California Los Angeles

MBA & MS in Computer Science

  • About
  • Concurrent degree programs allow students to earn an MBA plus another UCLA graduate degree in a combined track, providing the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical knowledge in another program simultaneously with your MBA studies.
  • Required to Apply
  • Applicants must submit separate application materials to each program, following the instructions set forth on each program’s website.
  • Admissions decisions for concurrent degree programs are made separately by each department, and you must be admitted to both programs to be considered a concurrent degree student.
  • For admission to the MBA program, concurrent degree applicants are evaluated as part of the entire MBA applicant pool.
  • A student already enrolled in one program is not automatically guaranteed admission to the other program.

University of Colorado Boulder

MBA & MS in Computer Science

  • About
  • To support the University’s mission of advancing knowledge across disciplines, and in recognition that business education and training has relevance to many academic fields, the Leeds School of Business and the Department of Computer Science endorse a dual degree program in which both a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Computer Science are awarded those students who satisfy the requirements outlined below.
  • Required to Apply
  • Students must apply to meet the application requirements for each program separately.

University of Michigan

MBA & MS in Computer Science and Information Systems

  • About
  • Through cross-recognition of courses between the MBA and MS in Computer Science and Information Systems program, this dual master’s program will require 15 less credit hours to complete than if the degrees were completed independently of each other.
  • The program leads to two degrees: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science and Information Systems with a concentration in Information Systems.
  • Required to Apply
  • Students must apply to meet the application requirements for each program separately.

University of Utah

MBA & MS - Computer Science

  • About
  • The College of Engineering and the David Eccles School of Business offer a dual degree program in which the students can earn both an MBA and MS Engineering degree within five semesters.
  • The MBA/MSE engineering dual-degree program combines students’ applied interests and training in Engineering with the comprehensive business skills developed in a full-time MBA program.
  • Graduates develop the skills needed to move between complex technical issues and the commercial issues of leading and managing businesses.
  • Our graduates are valuable assets to companies who rely on technological innovation to stay competitive in the business world.
  • Graduates of the MBA/MSE program earn two distinct degrees in one integrated educational experience.
  • Required to Apply
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • With 3.0 GPA
  • Work Experience
  • 2 years professional post-undergraduate work experience suggested but undergraduate engineering projects and internships may be considered in place of work experience
  • Timeframe
  • All work for both master’s degrees must be completed within four consecutive calendar years
  • MSE Departments
  • Some of the engineering departments have different credit hour requirements
  • GMAT or GRE Score
  • Competitive applications meet or exceed an equivalent average GMAT score of 600


  • I simply wanted a list that could prove useful to other people as well as myself since I was intending to pursue this particular dual degree as well.

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