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I developed a web app (still in BETA) that ranks coding bootcamps based on social and rating score based on data crawled from various sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Course Report, Facebook, AngelList, Google+, etc.) using Cheerio and the MEAN stack.This project was completed on August 11th, 2015 for the Stackathon phase of Fullstack Academy.


  • Logo, description, and home page link are grabbed from Twitter profile.

Review and rating scores are calculated from

  • Course Report number of reviews
  • Facebook
  • number of reviews
  • average rating
  • Google+
  • number of reviews
  • average rating
  • Switchup
  • number of reviews
  • average rating
  • Techendo
  • number of reviews
  • positive ratings
  • negative ratings
  • Quora
  • number of reviews
  • average rating
  • Yelp
  • number of reviews
  • average rating

Social score is calculated from

  • AngelList followers
  • Facebook likes
  • Google+ followers
  • LinkedIn followers
  • Quora followers
  • Twitter followers

Future Features

  • Users can add bootcamps.
  • Admins can add/update bootcamps.
  • Sort by specific provider.
  • Resource page.
  • Sockets for real time adding and updating of bootcamps.
  • Calculating Techendo average rating fairly.
  • Calculate number of unique reviews from each provider, but don’t actually copy the reviews over.
  • Better comments so others can easily contribute.
  • Get links to other links from Course Report so less links are needed and scraping is faster.
  • Refactoring of code in general.



  • 18 commits

GitHub Repo


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