Resources for Laid Off Software Engineers

Sharing a larger list of resources for laid off software engineers to help with their job search.

I posted some resources for laid off software engineers on LinkedIn. These were resources that I leaned on when I was last job searching. The post blew up and quickly became one of my most re-shared.

So in light of the holidays and being grateful, I want to pay it forward and share a list of all the resources that folks shared in the comments into a larger blog post and then some more that I thought would be useful to add in.

I hope it proves useful as you take some time to refresh and relax and then get back into it. 🙌🏽

Table of contents


📜 Format your resume created by Chris Carey

It’s a bit of an older tool, but I still use it to create my PDF resume, so I don't have to worry about formatting.

Track Jobs

📂 Track jobs you're applying to

You can track your job applications and keep your job search organized, all in one place.

Autofill Application

📝 Autofill the job application

Tired of filling out the same job applications over and over? Simplify helps you discover & apply to millions of positions in one click.

Find Companies


🔍 Find companies that are actively hiring

Here's an Airtable of 200+ companies actively hiring that was crowdsourced from LinkedIn and put together by Brianna Doe.

AngelList Talent

👋🏽 Have companies come to you by joining a talent collective

AngelList Talent
— I highly recommend The Pragmatic Engineer Job Board set up by Gergely Orosz

Community Job Boards

💛 Tap into your community!

For example, if you’re Latinx, you can submit your resume to Techqueria or check out their job board. They also have a Slack community where there are a ton of recruiters you can reach out to.

/dev/colorOut in Tech, and Elpha are more examples of great organizations that offer dedicated job boards.

Technical Interviews with No Whiteboarding

🙈 Don’t like whiteboarding either?

A personal pet peeve of mind is being asked to do a Leetcode after working in the industry for nearly 6 years.

I believe whiteboarding interviews value memorization over the practical application of skills and are overly performative and disjoint from actual engineering work.

Being picky about how you’re interviewed is not something everyone can afford to engage in.

Still, if you feel the same way about technical interviews, I have some additional resources for you:

No Whiteboard

No Whiteboard created by Jonathan Nguyen 🚫

Filter jobs that don’t whiteboard by programming language, interview type, location, and more!

Hiring Without Whiteboards

→ Hiring Without Whiteboards GitHub Repo created by Lauren Tan ⭐

A huge list of companies across the world that don’t whiteboard. Currently has 33,000+ stars on GitHub and 1,000+ contributors.

Byteboard Job Board

→ Byteboard Job Board 🌱

A list of companies that use the alternative technical interview offered by Byteboard. Disclaimer: I work here.

Woven Match

→ Woven Match by Woven | High-Signal Technical Assessments 🧵

You can get matched with jobs after completing an assessment that more closely matches real-world scenarios.


Thank you to the following folks for providing resources that I included in this post:

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