First Week At Fullstack Academy

There are 58 days in Fullstack. These are the first 5. Let's begin. 💫

June 8th to 12th

There are 58 days in Fullstack. These are the first 5. Let’s begin. <3

Day One - Monday

  • Orientation & icebreakers today. I come to realize I’m actually very used to icebreakers after going through many different programs. Learning names comes easy.
  • My first impression is that many people here are nice and somewhat soft-spoken.
  • My second impression is a bit of surprise and respect for those who came from far, far away, like New Zealand & France.
  • The big assessment is in the late afternoon. I’m a bit of a nervous wreck.
  • When I get home, I feel really down about the assessment.

Day Two - Tuesday

  • I’m part of the review group for the assessment. I feel kind of like I’m in the peewees when I actually should have been part of the big leagues. :/
  • I got my locker buddy. After several attempts, we both still can’t manage to open the stupid thing.

Day Three - Wednesday

  • My level of energy is quickly deteriorating. Must develop a method of increasing endurance.
  • I took a picture of my workplace today.
  • Fun Jeopardy game today.
  • My team is called Bubbles after bubble sort.
  • I like my team.
  • We end up winning a lot of points, but after a risky move, we lose all our gainings.
  • My team comes in 4th (?) place.
  • Thankfully, no significant prizes are offered, so the loss is minimal.

Day Four - Thursday

  • All the fellows are introduced. This time there are no adjectives to help remember names, so I quickly forget them. Each fellow is assigned to their learning teams.
  • The fellow in charge of my learning team, Jimmy, has a funny laugh so I like him.
  • My learning team is the same as my Jeopardy team and this makes me happy because I feel pretty comfortable around them. Our name remains Bubbles.
  • I have lunch with my learning team today. We play BS. Jimmy wins.
  • Some new people arrived today.

Day Five - Friday

  • People still seem shy and/or tired to participate too much. Can’t tell which.
  • I feel if I act too interested, I’ll lose cred. 8-)
  • Ladies lunch today. This was nice to be part of. The tech industry is pretty one-sided after all.
  • Met some seniors today. Not literal seniors (old folks).
  • At Fullstack, there are two groups - seniors and juniors.
  • Juniors are the ones that are going through the first half of Fullstack while seniors are simply the ones that have completed that first half (the learning phase) and are now in the second half (the project phase).
  • Naturally, the first thing the seniors did was pull a joke on me. Classic… :twisted:
  • Frankly, I’m more excited about the project phase where I’ll actually be building things. Looking forward to it already. Weird.
  • I got a friggin’ t-shirt - yessssssss.
  • Mixer today puts me in a great mood because charades is always fun.
  • I also learned a lot more about this one guy named Isaac because he got the hot seat today. Afterward, I thought of all the different possible ways I could introduce myself to someone. Then I got tired because I came up with too many.
:arrow: Overall Conclusion?Fullstack Academy is a full out marathon and I’m more of a short distance runner. It’ll get better with time though! 😁Also, if someone asked me to express how I felt about my first week using a song…

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