Fullstack Academy - Week 2

June 15th to 19th. There are 57 days in Fullstack. These are the second 5. 👬

June 15th to 19th.There are 58 57 days in Fullstack. These are the second 5.

Day One - Monday

  • I have the whole apartment to myself for this week so it’s going to a very, very chill environment. JOY.

Day Two - Tuesday

  • I’ve decided I’m just not a big fan of Codewars.
  • I just prefer Code School‘s cleaner design & fun videos. Oh, well!

Day Three - Wednesday

  • Pair programming worked out great today. I’m building web apps already! 😁

Day Four - Thursday

  • I enjoyed socializing more today.
  • I have slightly more respect for Code School after dealing with Treehouse today.
  • Team lunch today. We played UNO and Kevin won. I’ve decided UNO is boring.
  • Finally finished a presentation about cool web dev tips & tricks. That took me basically all day.

Day Five - Friday

  • People liked the presentation! Yesssss…. 😄
  • Hot Seat today. I’m really enjoying hearing these stories. If only there was some sort of fireplace…
  • Finally gave in and installed zsh today using some dude’s dot files (he’s a big Spacegray theme fan too). Now everything looks and feels SPACEGRAY. Heyyyy.
  • Bought this Sublime Text Power User book by the Bos for $25. I used the coupon code CHRISTMAS which still worked and took $11 off. LOL.
  • It sucks that Flavours is no longer going to exist once El Capitan comes out. I want to be able to customize EVERYTHING.
:arrow: Overall Conclusion?I’M TIRED.Hence the sketchy octocats in the banner/featured image. :twisted:

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