Fullstack Academy – Week 4

June 29th to July 2nd. There are 57 days of Fullstack Academy. These are days 16 through 19 Week 4. 💲🔮🔮💲

June 29th to July 2ndThere are 57 days of Fullstack Academy. These are days 16 through 19 (Week 4). ❤️

Day One - Monday

  • Much progress was made with Promises - I still need to review some more though.
  • We also started creating our own Bootstrap template with SASS. This has been really difficult, and I feel like I’ve only just now been introduced to the more technical CSS side of design. Amateur time!!!

Day Two - Tuesday

  • Worked more on this SASS framework - it’s tedious, but as a fellow student wisely stated, “it makes you appreciate Bootstrap a lot more”.
  • Afterwards, we had to make the framework responsive, and I feel as though this part was almost too easy. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Day Three - Wednesday

  • A lot happened today!
  • We started creating this lovely trip planning application that utilizes the Google Maps API and a full on database with various different models. My pair programming partner and I made a lot of progress with the UI, which was the goal for the day.
  • There was a yoga session as well which did make me feel prettyyy relaxed, but also allowed me to slowly come to the realization of how terribly non-flexible my body is. Oh well!
  • And then after allwas said and done, there was a dinner that 13 of us went to - good times! It was at a steak house so I had limited options, but I learned a lot about finances in general. Apparently, there’s an app called Venmo that is all the rage. It’s the first time in a while that I actually feel behind in the technological aspect. ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin it! Hehe.

Day Four - Thursday

  • Today was basically all about using jQuery to implement the live UI of our little trip planner app - and I LOVE jQuery. I found it funny how in the lecture Omri talked about how due to the fact that jQuery is so ubiquitous, some folks will say they know jQuery but not JS itself, even though jQuery IS a JS library! It reminded me of this video. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdREEcfaihg
  • For my Bubblunch (since my learning team’s name is Bubbles), we played 2 games of Avalon. In one of the games, I revealed I was Merlin by uttering “Yeah” in that part of the game where special people get to open their eyes and crap so we had to completely start over. If my mind resembled the plot line of the movie Inside Out, then that moment of complete FAIL would become a hilarious core memory.
  • Side Note I really need to stop getting pizza for lunch. -_-
  • After class, there was Game Night. Not a single junior came (surprisingly), but this was fine with me because I felt as though I had all the fellows and seniors to myself. We first tried playing this weird spelling card game but we just ended up quitting mid way through - shocker there. Then I played 2 lovely games of Avalon where I got the chance to play bloody Mordred (that dude is super creepy looking) in both games. Craziness. I’m a terrible liar in reality, but I feel I’ve gotten just a tad bit more deceptive playing this game. >:) He’s the original Voldemort!
  • Side Note I keep coming up with these small web app ideas every week and my desire to implement all of them one by one keeps growing. For the mean time though, I’m just keeping them as a handy Alternote. You’ll be alive soon enough, my little inklings!

Day Five - Friday

  • No class today because of the 4th of the July. -_-
  • But I got to go to Coney Island with the Tia and Tio. I had some good pizza, rode 3 different rides, and saw a lot of different faces (that’s the best part).
  • I’m making it a goal to work on the trip planner app more tomorrow for sure.
:arrow: Overall Conclusion?BUSY & BUBBLY week.

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