Fullstack Academy – Week 5

July 6th to July 10th. There are 57 days of Fullstack Academy. These are days 22 through 26. Week 5. 💕💓💕

July 6th to July 10thThere are 57 days of Fullstack Academy.These are days 22 through 26 (Week 5).❤️

Day One - Monday

  • Creating the live UI for Trip Planner is good since I like my partner. We get stuck a lot, but he’s super resilient. He even made a really cool theme for his that reminded me a lot of Tron Legacy (the 1980’s version, not the recent one). Nothing like a little reminiscing.
  • I’m also really sad cDock is probably not going to work anymore when El Capitan comes out. Along with probably every other customizing app for my Mac I use/have used such as Flavours, Ubersicht, LiteIcon, etc. Such sadness.
Shoot, I’m going to go download the Public Beta now.

Day Two - Tuesday

  • I downloaded the Public Beta. - The first ever Fullstack Beta Day is going to be this Saturday! This implies I’ll be able to check out all the (probably) cool projects the fellows have been working on! I’m already pretty excited. Weird.
  • I’m starting to really dislike this Trip Planner project. The code is just starting to look more and more gross-looking and I feel lost in the sea of (water?) bugs.
  • I miss working with the “pretty” stuff.
  • After school today, I went to a Women Who Code meetup (my first in the NYC area) featuring “Lightning Talks” with Jovia and Kelsey. Out of the 5 presentations I was able to see, the two best ones were by folks from Fullstack Academy. Not even trying to exaggerate or anything, that’s just what happened. ¯\( ツ )

Day Three - Wednesday

  • Okay, so I feel a little bad saying this, but I’m pretty sure the best lecture I’ve had so far here at Fullstack was just delivered - today - by Joe.
  • Joe is going to be teaching us more for the senior phase, but I guess since we’re all going to be seniors in about a week and a half or so, he’s trying to get used to us or something.
  • Anywhoozies, the lecture on Socket.io was just awesome. Seriously. So much mental stimulation. Sockets for the win!
  • It helped that I had a good partner for this workshop too. - Another factor to consider was how much trolling one could incorporate into the workshop which was all about creating a white-board (to draw on) anyone could connect to and making sure the drawings of everybody else also persisted upon refreshing the browser. My partner and I breezed through this workshop so yeah, we were feeling pretty confident. 😎😎😎

Day Four - Thursday


So I’m just going to list them off one by one.

1. Angular.js comes to me more easily than most other concepts I’ve been working with, so I already heart you Angular, you sneaky devil! May you never disappoint me.

2. I had a good partner today too so that helped, obviously.

I’ve been ranking all my pair programming experiences out of 5 stars. This is more for data analysis than anything. Being able to see which experiences I enjoyed the most will help me choose the partners I want to work with for the capstone more easily. Hmmm, yessss.

3. The learning team lunch was today, so of course I spent most of it LMFAO. Like the real VP.

4. I found out about the new emoji reactions feature on Slack and that brought a small dose of happiness to my day. Here’s us trying it out with Gavin’s post. 😝

5. The workshop was interesting. It was basically all about making a primitive version of Quizlet, or maybe what was probably a lot like the very 1st version of Quizlet.

This reminds me - I actually made some flashcards for Fullstack Foundations regarding the command line using Quizlet.

6. Lady’s Lunch was today.

There’s this girl named Joanna in my cohort who’s attending Cornell Tech for her Master’s right now (I had no idea) and since I’m actually considering CT as a place for my Master’s, I found it lovely I could meet someone from there. She gave the place quite the rave review. Eh, I still don’t know - I’m not terribly fond of NYC, but that upcoming campus sure looks nice…

Day Five - Friday (And Some of Saturday Too)

  • Easy cruising through the lecture and workshop on Angular Directives today - going through the relevant course material on Code School really helped out. Why are you so wonderful Code School?!
  • Hot Seat today made me feel really sad/frustrated for some reason (still not sure why exactly either…). I even had to watch TV afterwards to numb my mind for said reason. It was strange, to say the least.
That’s Seema talking about Big Ol important stuff such as trees. But the binary kind. 🌳💻🌳
  • Then Saturday came around and it was finally Beta day! Michael Bae explaining how he blotched his mobile app project was probably one of the most entertaining presentations I’ve seen in a bit. I had to leave early to get to my hip hop class (so intense!), so I’ll have to see what happened after the fellow presentations.
  • So that was that. My week ended up with me dancing to Rihanna, just like every other week (no, not really). My instructor today had even decided to use the one song I had been obsessing over for a while. Good times!
  • (╯°□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻ - ¯\( ツ )/¯ - ┬──┬◡ ノ(° -° ノ)

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