Fullstack Academy - Week 6 & Review Week

July 13th to July 17th. There are 52 days of Fullstack Academy. These are days 29 through 33 (Week 6). There's also review week, which is from July 20th to July 24. Review week doesn't count as Fullstack Academy. ❤🃏

July 13th to July 17thThere are 57 52 days of Fullstack Academy.These are days 29 through 33 (Week 6).There’s also review week, which is from July 20th to July 24. Review week doesn’t count as Fullstack Academy. ;)❤️

Day One - Monday

  • This is my last week as a junior. I guess I could go all cliche here and say that time flew by, but eh, to be honest, I’ve time traveled in a pretty normal way, which does surprise me.
  • I didn’t go to school today. I was super sick. :(
  • Thankfully, since we covered angular directives and ng-model today, it wasn’t that bad since I finished that Shaping up with Angular.js Code School course.

Day Two - Tuesday

  • More work on the flashcards application.

Day Three - Wednesday

  • Today, my partner Yves and I were the only team that showcased a flashcard design. So by default, we both won and lost the mini-competition for the best flashcard design. We each get a Fullstack t-shirt (I still haven’t gotten this yet -__-).
  • Here’s how the home page for our design ended up looking like, more or less:

Day Four - Thursday

  • Spelunking.
  • Second day working on authentication.
  • Learning team lunch today. I’m getting better at Avalon. 😈

Day Five - Friday

  • More auth stuff.
  • Last day of being a junior!!!
  • My contribution to Fullstack so far has been this Google Slide deck showcasing a bunch of web dev stuff I feel is relevant. I should probably update it soon.

We go over what’s going to be in senior phase.

  • Unfortunately, I think I will only be able to work with other college of code students on my final project, since we have 2 less weeks. I don’t know how I feel about this since I wanted to work with Yves, who isn’t in the summer of code program, since we have complementary skills (my strong suite is front-end, his is back-end). Darn.
:arrow: Overall Conclusion?
I’m a senior in every aspect now!
Keep Calm TerminalStyle

Review Week!

A week where we get a break from Fullstack, take some review assessments, and get the opportunity to revitalize for the intense project phase ahead of us.

Monday through Wednesday
  • Normally, I publish my posts every Friday, but since review week is right after my last junior week, I figured I’d just publish the Friday or Saturday of review week instead.
  • I went back home and relaxed for most of this week. Thankfully, the first three assessments for this week weren’t mandatory.
  • I’m the only person from 1506 who went to Game Night today. I played this creepy and descriptive house game. It was terribly complicated, but it was macabre enough to be somewhat enjoyable. 😈
  • I got to 4 kyu on Codewars today. FINALLLLLLYYYY.
  • While working late, I come across this show called Dating Naked and I’m just blown away. #reviewweeksurprise
  • I’m pretty excited for the project phase. :)
  • This Saturday, I’ll be attending the Sally Conference. The tickets are 300 DOLLARS, but Shanna G., who is part of the hiring team here at Fullstack, had some free tickets to give out - so to you, Shanna, I say…

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