Huge School Application 2017

Video application for Huge Experience Design School 2017.

There were 2 parts to the interview process - the video and the design challenge.

Application Video

For their Experience Design School every summer, HUGE asks applicants to submit a one minute video showing off why they want to attend in a creative way.

Design Challenge

I was tasked with re-designing the website for TSP….

Redesigned Logos

As part of a redesign assignment for the Huge Experience School program, I redesigned two logos for the TSP website - one horizontal and the other vertical.

Redesigned Website

Video Interview

After those two steps, the next step was a video interview with two employees from HUGE. This is the only part that didn’t go well apparently. Lol.

Lessons Learned

On March 23rd, HUGE rejected me but let me know I was a super strong candidate and yadda yadda.I think HUGE required a lot of time and effort from their applicants. Also, I felt that because I asked a somewhat controversial question during the interview (is it true that HUGE employees can be very cliquish?), I was flagged as not compatible for their culture.

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