Paid Tech Mentoring Programs

Mentor developers and get paid.

These are programs that allow you to mentor others as they learn how to code and get paid to do it!IMHO, they’re quite useful if you’re looking to gain experience on the side while earning some money.The hours are flexible, and it’s common knowledge that when you teach, you solidify your skills.


You can apply to be a Bloc mentor through their about page in the Jobs section.


Codecademy Pro relies on mentors and you can apply to be one through their Jobs page.

Code Mentor

It’s pretty self-evident that Code Mentor depends on having mentors and consequently, they have a dedicated place where you can apply.


Designlab is an online bootcamp focused on UI/UX but also depend on mentors for their curriculum. They also have a dedicated page to apply to become a mentor.


hack.hands() is similar to Code Mentor and allows you to apply to become a mentor.


RookieUp allows folks to get portfolio feedback from on-demand mentors in Visual Design, UX/UI, and Web Development.


Thinkful is a career accelerator that gets graduates careers in tech that depends on mentors heavily for their curriculum.


Udacity‘s popular Nanodegree courses also depend on mentors.

Volunteering Options

In case you wanted to be generous with your time.


hack.pledge() is a community of developers helping each other master software craftsmanship

Out of Office Hours

Out of Office Hours aims to create a dialog between newcomers and people working in the tech industry.


#YesWeCode is looking for dedicated in-person or virtual tutors with experience in front-end and back-end coding languages to support their scholars in reaching their full potential.

Become a Tutor

YesWeCode is a national initiative to help teach 100K low-opportunity youth to code

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