Resources for Breaking Into Tech

This post covers some resources for those trying to break into the tech industry.

  1. Mastering your craft
  2. Communities to join
  3. Creating a portfolio
  4. Recommended apps

Mastering your craft

I've listed out sites I'd recommend for ramping up on JavaScript & React in a separate post.

Communities to join

Creating a portfolio

I recommend taking what you're passionate about and using your skills to contribute to that.

For example, I really like training my dogs, so as a project for my portfolio, I could use Next.js to create a PWA that shows tricks I can teach my dogs to help reach AKC certification.

A great initial project is to create a personal website.

For more project ideas, check out GitHub.

Recommended apps

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Alfred
  • Tower or GitHub Desktop
  • Amphetamine
  • Flux
  • BetterSnapTool

More tools I would recommend are under "What I Use".

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